Fall dresses: Objects of desire

My friend M. spent last weekend in New York. When I asked him what he enjoyed most, he said, "All the hot young chicks in summer dresses." His wife R. agreed. She said, "That's all anyone wore, dresses!"

This American Beauty from The Sartorialist's must-read blog embodies the charm of a sundress.

Like Monarch butterflies, pedi-cabs and ice cream stands, dresses are abundant and delightful in season, and notably absent the rest of the year. So, to the designers who read this (I can hope): fall and winter dresses, please!

Years ago I bought a bias-cut, belted gr
ey fine woolen dress with a shawl collar and sweeping 50's skirt from a now-defunct British designer. One of my favourite pieces ever, it was supple and flattering. Think I could find anything like that in the last decade?

This Derek Lam dress (from net-a-porter.com, $890) replicates the mood, but (of course) instantly sold out in all but size 40.

The trade who could save me is called dressmaker for a reason, I think. If only I'd kept that
grey number as a pattern.

If I fell upon the right winter-season dress off the rack, I'd whip out my card and sign for it without checking the price.

I adore this aptly-named Aquascutum "Divine Bodice Dress" dress (from net-a-porter, $1,500) but it's not for winter, at least in Canada. Aaaand only in stock for size 0.


materfamilias said…
I'm a big fan of the dress as well -- so easy to dress in and accessorize, and so complete and finished a look. I've got my eye on a two-tone grey wool shift (looks generous in cut on the rack, but the tummy area will be the test) with vertical pockets at the hips -- very retro-modern, by Vince. Just couldn't get excited enough about fall when I first saw it in Holt two weeks ago and haven't been able to get back since.

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