UdeMan: Sam Shepard

I've been a Sam Shepard fan since I saw a production of True West in London in the early 80s. Fool For Love is one of my favourite dramas.

His new play, Kicking a Dead Horse, stars Stephen Rea (one of my favourite actors), and just opened in New York after its premiere at Dublin's Abbey Theatre. He invokes his classic themes of the West, escape, greed and authenticity and is clearly honouring Beckett with this restless, compelling lament.

Handsome and charismatic, Shepard holds the stage as well as writes for it. I especially like Country (1984), in which he starred with his wife, Jessica Lange, and The Assassination of Jesse James (2007).


materfamilias said…
And they were both in Frances, weren't they? Guess how I remember that one!
Susan B said…
Ooh, we're going to be in New York in October and have been looking for something to see beyond standard Broadway fare. I'm going to check and see how long this one will be running! Thanks!
Duchesse said…
Pseu: Suggest you read some reviews and decide if you'd like it. Stars Stephen Rea who's getting his own UdeMan citation soonish.

ma: Yes! I loved Frances and still sob when I see it on TV.
To me he has always seemed like a thinking woman's heart throb.

Frances is so sad--even more so because it is true.

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