Real or faux? Can you tell?

The New York Times' Style magazine, T, is a great online read; click here to have fun with one article, "Real or Faux". You'll be shown a collection of aphrodisiac jewelry, some of which is fake.

You get to guess, then click on the images to see which is five-figure freight and which can be had for the price of Style Spy's left shoe.

Just to warm up: Shown, top to bottom: Tom Binns cuff (fake); Taffin brooch (real); two Verdura crystal necklaces (real).

Lots of other luscious features, and as usual I wonder who buys the ravishing evening gowns.


Anjela's Day said…
I want the Verdura crystal necklaces. I don't care, I will wear them with jeans and a white shirt. I will wear them scrubbing the grout on my bathroom floor. I will wear them selling less expensive jewels in my little store. I will wear them sitting on the loo feeling incredibly regal.
Duchesse said…
Anjela: Versura is right at the top of my list of beloved jewelers I will never wear.
Susan B said…
Lovely pieces. But yikes! The "faux" prices they've listed are also out of my range!
Anjela's Day said…
I have been looking for some inexpensive crystal/glass necklaces just like these. I think I might make them. Duchesse- May I ask why you would not wear the Verdura jewels....?
Duchesse said…
Anjela: Oh! My comment was confusing. I will never wear Verdura only because I can't afford it. If I had the means I'd positively drip with it- these necklaces, cuffs, earrings.
Anjela's Day said…
oh thanks duchesse for telling me....I was worried for a moment if it had some deeper implications.
As long as the good taste prevails that's so important and you have given me so many great ideas for the store.
Keep on blogging!!
Belle de Ville said…
Great picks with the Taffin and Verdura.
James de Givenchy at Taffin is so much more than a jeweler. He is an artist. (He's also an extremely charming gentleman...and soooo handsome!)
The Verdura that I love are the original pieces designed for Chanel. Today's Verdura is just so expensive. Who can justify buying it retail?
As for the costume bracelet...pretty certainly but such a waste of money. There are costume pieces in the market now for over $9000. Insane!
For me it's either estate jewelry at prices that are maybe 40% of retail, or have the pieces that I like copied by a quality bench jeweler.
I'd never pay full retail for jewlery.
Duchesse said…
Belle de Ville: I've read that Chanel's Verdura cuffs were a result of her bringing old pieces to Fulco di Verdura and asking him to re-purpose them. I have sometimes bought at auction; signed pieces attract much attention, so a bargain is relatively rate. As for copying, can be a successful way to acquire an iconic piece, though adaptation can be more successful than outright copy.

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