Hunter Wellies for Anjela, Penelopes for all

Fall means even more rain (the wettest year on record where I live). When it's too soggy for shoes and too mild for winter boots, Wellies enter, and endure through slush season.

J. Crew now offer the classic Hunter Wellington ($115) through their web site, and I'm crushin' on the vibrant orange. The lilac is a surprisingly netural colour too, a gentler, romantic Welly.

I imagine Anjela in these with her ecru lace skirt.

There is tromp and there is sashay. The Penelope peep toe ($225) has to be named for Penelope Cruz; the colours right out of an Almodovar film.

Shoes of wit and character, shoes that wink on your feet.

Aye aye, caliente!


materfamilias said…
The Hunters can be found more and more easily throughout Vancouver (I wonder why!), and last winter even went on sale below $100!! Of course, I went to scoop a pair, but sadly, trying them on, found they're just a bit too tall for the short of leg -- they hit right about where my knee wants to bend. Very sad.
YOU have great taste in shoes. I am getting the orange Hunters and I love the Penelope's in the caliente colours.
Anjela's Day said…
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Anjela's Day said…
Hmmmm as soon as I saw the Hunters Duchesse I began to get excited- felt happy- Dreams of tea made in the open air ... of fairy rings and wildflowers, of burrs sticking to my clothes, of running down hills and walking on boglands. I thought of birds and feeling the silence touch my skin. I thought of home and walking over mud and through rain and feeling protected against the elements.
I thought of arms holding me. Of days going into evenings walking in clouded forests.
Need I say I love Hunters, not just for the quality and style but for what they bring me home to...myself.
Thanks a million Duchesse for taking me home.
Mardel said…
I love Hunters. I have the basic greens and they are wonderful for the entire spring/fall mud season as well as those nasty mid winter thaws that we get here in New York.

I have been incredibly tempted by the lilac ones since I first saw them.
Duchesse said…
Belette: Lucky! I hope you get rain, to enjoy them.
ma: Could the J Crews be shorter? Or so you think they are a stock height?
mardel: Well... lilac is so different from green :)
Anjela: These are your ruby sippers!
Duchesse said…
Oops Anjela, I meant "slippers". But one could sip in them too. A sherry after a walk?
Anjela's Day said…
Hi Duchesse, I only saw this now, as a rain-soaked Connecticut has me reaching for the Hunters and putting away the Uggs- Had to be almost surgically removed off my body- I bought a pair of black suede Uggs and since last September until this week have worn them daily- with jeans tucked inside- with skirts and with leggings and oversized shirts and big boyfriend sweaters-they were a good buy and they still look amazing...Sippers was a great slip...I have missed you though I have been a lurkerer.
Anjela )
Duchesse said…
Anjela: Hello! Hunters are now readily available here and a favourite, especially of young women.

I never wanted Uggs but know many women are devoted; I'm a Blundstone wearer until sandal time.

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