Discreet hotcha for fall: Comrags

I was checking the Comrags site, preparing for materfamilias' visit to the T-Dot this week, as this will be a must on our upcoming boutique crawl.

(Note: I'm so excited to meet her! She's here for a family visit but will have time for shopping and dinner.)

These runway shots capture the impeccable design sense of Joyce Gunhouse and Judy Cornish, playful yet elegant pieces that don't date.

I was especially enchanted by the fur-trimmed pieces, and by this funnel-collared wrap coat.

I don't have prices yet, but think Max Mara and divide by half.


Anonymous said…
Get the coat, get the coat! I was just commenting over at materfamilias's blog how envious I am that you get to go shopping together. Have a great time!
Anjela's Day said…
I am envious too! Post lots of pictures and progress reports please.
Have a great time.

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