Unpacking an award

Nancy (nanflan) has given me a Sisterhood Award, and I sincerely appreciate the the recognition and support from this eloquent blogger and master seamstress.

Now the rant. I am grateful for Nancy's award. My issue is with the "rules" for this award, identical to one I received a few weeks ago:

The recipient must
1. Display the award logo on her blog
I'm required to display a cheesy graphic with the originator's url. hmm... who is this?

2. Link to the award's originator
A "blog designer" I would not recommend based on examples on her site.

3. Nominate ten other people for the award
Why? To promote this person in a chain-letter manner.

Is this an award or a not-very-transparent way to promote someone's business? Are we so eager for recognition that we'll look the other way at someone's attempt to put all kinds of strings on this gift of appreciation?

Occasionally, the blog world confers awards by popular vote. I'm not sure these are more meaningful, having witnessed the begathons some bloggers stage to garner votes.

My reward is that you read. Comments encourage and enlighten me. And if you add me to your blogroll, I'm delighted.

The anti-award

Once, I received a vicious verbal attack. I left it up (it's an Anonymous comment under the post of Dec. 10/08, "Etiquette and Civility") to show what one might receiv
e, exposed in the blogosphere. The person knew how to strike: it was sent a good while after the post date, so other readers would not see it, but I would. I reacted exactly like it was an obscene phone call: eeeeewww.

I request that we present awards... but without rules.

Now it's time to walk over to my neighborhood bakery, Sweet Bliss, to present my Best Damn Sticky Buns on the Planet Award.


Nancy (nanflan) said…
Mmm, sticky buns! Are you awarding or rewarding? And you are too kind for describing me as a master seamstress.
NancyF said…
Good for you. A sincere and complimentary comment is worth more to me than a chain-letter "award" that's an advertisement in disguise.

By the way, you get my award for elegant, thoughtful writing.
Mardel said…
Mmm, stick buns sound like a wonderful treat.

I think the people who pass on the award are genuinely well intentioned, and probably don't pay enough attention to the origins.

But you are so right about comments and the occasional engagement with new freinds that are the true rewards. A good point about blog rolls as well. I have too long neglected my own.
lady jicky said…
I do not have a blog but I love to read them.
I cannot stand the "blog awards"! You could have asked your Mother to "award" you! LOL
I read bogs to see what people are thinking about or to learn more of the world, especially if the blog is about the things I love etc.
Anonymous said…
This is the reason why I love your blog so darn much! I award you a happy day for this post.
Patricia said…
I was intrigued about the comment you got so I sought it out - ooh, that was nasty!

Good for you for seeing through the possible real reason for the 'chain' award - I feel the same way about chain emails. I hate to be manipulated into doing something, so I never forward them, even if on the surface they seem innocuous. Patricia
Duchesse said…
Patricia/NancyF: It's just over the top, isn't it? I don't fwd chain letters either.

lady jicky: Yes, that's another good point. Requiring someone to distribute an award to ten leads, I fear, to "who do I know?" Not that I'm unworthy :)

mardel: yes, I definitely believe they are well-intentioned!

nanflan: Hey, your clothes are lovely and do not wind up unfinished in a ball like my projects used to.
sallymandy said…
Hmm. Well said, about the awards with rules. I don't have any awards so have not delved into this issue much. I like your independent thinking!
Nancy (nanflan) said…
FYI, I've updated my post with a little comment that no one is under any obligation to pass it on, at least from me. My own "new rule" regarding these things!

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