Two generations of loveliness

Here's a photo of my friend Susan with her mother, Kay.

Susan is a luminous 61; her mother Kay is 86.
Both are fun-loving women; the one in the turquoise won't miss a party, loves to learn and still skinny dips, and the one in red will appreciate me being more discreet!

Among other treasured qualities, Susan is my makeup guru; she recently took me shopping at a big drugstore, and dug till she found the perfect featherweight makeup, L'Oreal Perfect Match, velvety soft, light and ultra blendable.

She taught me to combine it with a moisturizer (I used L'Oreal Age Perfect in Day weight) to make my own custom-tinted moisturizer (at 1/6 the price of Prescriptives).

We first met through our profession in the early '80s, and discovered we lived in the same neighbourhood. Then she left for a year in Katmandu, managing a hotel. We lost touch after she returned and over time, we both changed jobs and partners.

Our hairdresser, James Maybank, re-introduced us in the early '00s; he was one of her dearest friends before his death in 2006.


WendyB said…
Skinny-dipping, eh? Love it!
Anonymous said…
They are glowing with gorgeousness and the mum sounds like A LOT of fun.
Anonymous said…
Way to go Mum! Right now my kids would disown me if I admitted to skinny dipping - but perhaps by the time they reach 60 they will have mellowed!
I only skinny dip at night by the light of the moon, and definitely not when the neighbours are out on their balcony.

How lovely your friends look, you can see the life shining from them.
Anjela's Day said…
I love how her skin glows- and she looks so natural...Her mum looks like she has the hapiness gene too and it shows doesn't it. Does she have any great tips for keeping skin moistened and glowing-I use La Mer but also have a acquaintance who uses Vaseline on her face and it too glows for pennies- Not sure if Vaseline is bad for the pores.
Thanks Duchesse

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