Suva: Spectacular graphics, versatile shirts

A sunny mild day, perfect time to pack away wintry sweaters and finally the right season to share one of my favorite items of clothing, Suva shirts.

Suva was founded by Natalya Bagrova and Tim Showalter to extend their personal vision of the world into a fascinating line of casual tops.

Each shirt features one of Tim's evocative photos: espresso cups, Vespas, Buddhist monks, peacocks, old motels, neon signs. Elegant, mysterious, charming, political, graceful: each image has its mood and story. They wash and travel like a dream. You select a style (3/4 sleeve, short sleeve, tank) and image. The image is on the torso only (sleeves are solid); Suvas are actually slimming.

Your custom-made Suva is delivered in about two weeks; price is $50-$60, depending on style.

Suva's custom shirts are a mid-weight poly; I recommend them over the "spunrib jersey-blend" (also offered on their site in the ready-made section) because poly yields the crispest images. Normally I don't like to wear synthetics, but these are fine.

To view the shirt choices, click here.
r click on here to browse Tim's images on shirts.
(The lovely long-haired model is Natalya.)

I have nearly every image they've produced. People try to buy them off my back; I can't tell you how many times I've scribbled on a scrap of paper for admiring strangers.

The images above: Village Hollywood, Car Lovers, Flowers for Sale and Espresso.

All images copyright Timothy Showalter of Suvawear, used with permission.


Deja Pseu said…
OMG, I MUST have that espresso design!!!
Duchesse said…
Pseu: Espresso is one of the ones I wear the most, just wonderful!
lady jicky said…
I have never heard of them but .... they are fabulous! what a clever idea!!!
Anonymous said…
I'm so thinking about the peacock: that's our town "bird" and it would be so fun to wear this to parties around here!!!

Thanks for sharing!PS Did Bompard ever have a sale?

PPS: How do you wear these shirts btw? Jeans? Are you sure about the fabric? I think lycra and such feels "icky."
Duchesse said…
Karen: I posted the notice about the Bompard sale on January 7/09, the moment it was announced. (It was a bit early this year.)

I wear them with skirts, pants and jeans. Saw a woman at an art show wearing one under a suit.

Lycra is heavier and stretchier than this fabric, which is quite supple. Maybe you'd want to ask Natalya to send you a swatch before ordering. Peacock is a great image!
Mardel said…
Oh those are marvelous and I knew nothing about them. I missed the Bompard sale, or more exactly what I wanted was gone. Next year I will buy rather than dream. And in the meantime those shirts are fabulous.

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