Bagging bargains in my back yard

I spent the better part of Saturday shopping for a smallish, lightweight black shoulder bag. This is 60: no longer able to sling on a huge, stuffed leather tote and trek for hours.

Mindful of Deja Pseu's ardent endorsement of Cole Haan, I stopped in. Their sole possibility was well-designed, but a touch dressy. Prada of course had various nylon bags, but at $1200 or more, I had to fall hard, and didn't.

My day: repeat sequence at department stores and boutiques; quick Indian lunch, drive home empty-handed and cross.

On Sunday afternoon, I stopped by my neighbourhood treasure, Thrill of the Find, to check what Mireille had.

I've mentioned Thrill before; Mireille and her son Joseph are connected to the film business and have impeccable sources in Europe, so the items are neither vintage (though there may be one or two pieces) nor consignment. They're just... thrills.

She showed me two shoulder bags: a degriffé vintage woven Bottega Veneta classic (in excellent condition), and a French nylon with leather trim and strap (new), perfect for day touring: $110 for both. Whee!


Susan B said…
OMG!!! Sorry to go all teenager on you but a Bottega Veneta for that price??? OMG!!! That is a truly awesome find.
WendyB said…
What a bargain!
materfamilias said…
There was a great little frame bag on an upper shelf (a rich brown, if I remember correctly) that I still think about -- I'd love to be able to peruse that shop regularly! Although that first day sounds horridly frustrating, it worked to really confirm for you what a treasure you have in your back yard (as if you didn't already know!).
And now you're all set for Paris, right?
Duchesse said…
Pseu and Wendy; As a regular, I enjoy friends & family prices, but for anyone an amazing deal: Ferre winter coat for $130, original Halston evening jacket, $125, Italian silk chiffon summer skirt, $60. If I were a size 4/6/8 I'd buy only from her.
That is amazing. I have a friend who feels guilt every time she takes her BV out( feels she spent too much). Yours is a no guilt version. Congrats to you!
Duchesse said…
Belette: Bought one BV, in NYC 6 or 7 yrs ago. Saw in window, walked right in. Raspberry deerskin, still looks great!
Anonymous said…
Where is this store????
Duchesse said…
Karen: Store is in my Toronto neighbourhood, Leslieville. Good news is there is a web site ( but bad news is they have not posted items for sale yet, and it's been this way for a year or more.

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