Waltzing into winter

This hand-knit 6-ply Scottish cashmere Waltz Jacket is my longed-for winter companion.

Cardis can be stodgy, but this one has details: the pockets wrap from the sides to the back, the moss-stitch collar and shoulder add interest without fussiness. It's available in intense colours: Beetroot, Kelp, Othello (the moodiest blue) and neutrals. The yarn's spun by Todd & Duncan and knit by Hillary Rohde's team of artisans.

£490 (about $900); 8% of the net profit benefits the National Museum of Scotland. Order by October 15 for Christmas delivery.

Just one of many mouthwatering choices from Thistle & Broom, a Scottish luxury-goods company which produces all
products within Scotland, maintains the highest quality, assures fair trade to its craftspeople, and offers a selection as breathtaking and evocative as the Scottish countryside.

The online store offers stunning Fair Isle knits from the Fair Isle Knitting Project. These gloves, which represent the colour and complexity of the patterns.


Julianne said…
Wow, I was all excited about the jacket sweater; until I saw the price. That is really beautiful. I wear a lot of cardigans, but find that I don't have a jacket for going out when it is a little colder.

I also emailed Eric Bompard for a catalog, and didn't receive it. Does it take a long time? Thanks for sharing these sources, shopping is limited where I am
Duchesse said…
Julianne: Since I'm on the mail list, not sure how long it should take. Perhaps you would like to e-mail their customer service to inquire.
Though the price is hefty, this is hand knit, in very substantial weight, which kind of explains it.
Susan B said…
That's a lovely cardigan! I like the peplum in the back, gives it a nice shape, and the cutaway front keeps it from looking too boxy.

Alas, it was 98F here yesterday (we're in the thick of Santa Ana's right now) so my sweater wearing days seem like a distant dream.
Genuine Lustre said…
Sigh..........beautiful items. I am naturally drawn to tweed skirts and cardigans, but always need a modern uptake so I don't look like someone's granny.
Anjela's Day said…
Add it to my wish list. How simple and beatuiful it is.
I really, really want it as I like to layer and a chemise underneath and a lovely scarf would do just fine and feel warm yet, uncluttered. Thanks for the great ideas.
Anonymous said…
I love the lines of that cardi, its like a horse riding jacket, so tailored, dreaming now...

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