Dean Harris: Dream jeweler within reach

When I heard that one of my dream jewelers, Dean Harris, had designed a collection for Target, I checked it out.

First, just so you know the talent he brings to this project, here's high-end Harris, the Shoji Screen earring, with brilliant and briolette diamonds, set in platinum, $9,750. The detail on this photo isn't great, but click on his site to drool.

Below, three standout Target pieces:
A sterling silver and quartz 36" necklace, 18k gold plate (over sterling); pearl earrings, 18K plate over sterling; dot-pierced hoops, also 18K over sterling. For forty dollars an item, a style coup.

Available online, with shipping to US only, which pretty much breaks my heart.


Anjela's Day said…
let me know if ever you want anything shipped from here. Happy to oblige.
you can send me the money later when you get it-if you like it -I could also do returns if you weren't happy.
I think I will have to check these out myself.
Mardel said…
OH I keep learning about more covetable jewelry from you. The good stuff is certainly drool-worthy but these Target collections are also fun and quite wearable. Between you and Belette, who has me perusing the J Crew site, I am thinking that my costume jewelry coffers may be prospering.
i was going to make the same offer as anjela -- ship 'em here, and i'll ship 'em there!
Duchesse said…
anjela and bonnie-ann: Thank you for your kind offer; the only thing holding me back is the matter of returns... I so appreciate you offering a way to get some of these goodies!

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