Thanksgiving mussels

At five minutes to six this evening, one of my sons appeared with two friends in tow. I've known these kids since daycare, though had not seen Coco for 3-4 years, and Robin recently returned from two years in Halifax.

A half-hour before dinner, which is moules mariniere (with a sauce of fennel, tomatoes, onions, pernod, white wine, a dash of butter), bread to soak up the sauce, and a salad we greeted a couple of extras, and my heart rose. I deeply enjoy dining with these young people, all of whom love food.

(One of my fond memories is when I spotted them, in early high school years, clustered at a table at the French café where two of them now work, spending their modest al
lowances on pain au chocolat.

Robin brought two exquisite tarts, one mixed fruits, one pumpkin, from that café, where he's just started waiting, provided by the generous owner who'd mistakenly predicted holiday sales.

His shy p
leasure in presenting them is the real gift.

Le Duc
, a man with a plan, rolls his eyes for a split second and gets over it. The table is laid, he dashes out for another fougasse.

I plug in my iPod with a 20-something friendly playlist, open bottles of rosé.

During the high school years we had frequent impromptu dinner guests, so routine that we regularly cooked for an extra. We pick up where we left off, with vital, funny young adults. Robin simply can't stop eating.

This feels like Thanksgiving (which, here in Canada, is tomorrow). I'm so grateful to see these children, relaxed and affectionate in their friendship, so rooted without quite realizing it, happy and cared for by us, and their families.


materfamilias said…
I know exactly what you mean -- I feel so fortunate to have young people in our lives whose company we enjoy so much and who seem content in ours as well. That whole meal sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving feast, never mind that there's not a turkey in sight.
Julianne said…
How fortunate for your children to have a mom as welcoming as you. I miss these same types of things. Giggly teenage girls spending the night, boys calling in the middle of the night, our yard getting rolled with tp. So glad you got to enjoy this!
Susan B said…
Happy Thanksgiving! And your moules sound amazing.
Your thanksgiving feast sounds amazing! You sound like you have a lot to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all who sit at your table!:-)
Anonymous said…
Lovely post. Were there enough mussels to go'round? Do you have the recipe? Can I have it if you do? XO, Karen
Anjela's Day said…
Sounds lovely and the boys seem to be so gracious and I know you would welcome those appetites. How refreshing and wonderful. I so miss the children and all their friends and the extra kitchen orders of melted cheeses and salsas with warmed chips- or croissants heated with the chocolate- Hmmm made me hungry... I loved reading about that- Thanks!

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