Rickys in croc and linen

Remember this monumentally chic Milanesa with her Ricky?

A little research led me to the Canadian firm, Crocolux, who offer this Italian-made cognac alligator Ricky for $2,090, or about $12,999 less than the branded model.

Crocodile is the luxury bag,
carried strictly for day. I remember Mom wearing hers to luncheons, with matching shoes, and a linen dress.

I have a vintage lemon yellow alligator framed handbag that I bought at auction for about $250; she's a touch worn but when I'm in the mood for a Palm Beach bridge club look, she winks from my shelf, ready for drinks with umbrellas in them.

I sense an exotic skin in my future; after all, isn't this an older woman's luxury? A cashmere tee, well-cut black pants and the Ricky... now that's a Croc I'll wear!

La Milanesa's linen and leather Ricky is listed on eBay, a preowned model from seller dnmenterprises, for a starting bid of $750; auction ends today, Oct. 21.


Susan B said…
I liked the look of that bag when I first saw it, but on closer examination, it looks like it would be a bear to get in and out of, and is bulky and probably heavy.

Croc bags seem to be everywhere. Even Balenciaga has done a croc-stamped version of their classic motorcycle bag. Nancy Gonzalez has some nice selections with clean lines and no goofy hardware.
I carry a stamped black croc bag 90% of the time. I am not a gal who changes bags every day or even every night I go out.

I wish I had enough cash in my stamped black croc bag to buy the alligator Ricky. It is lovely. For now, I will continue wearing my Banana Republic copy.
Anjela's Day said…
i love that- my mum had the most beautiful corcodile bags- Small spac einside for her Chanel lipstick- I want the real thing-Thanks for showing!
Julianne said…
That is a really pretty bag. I have seen some in the stores here that I loved. Right now I am drawing a blank on who made them.
Julianne said…
Brahmin..... that was it!

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