Notice anything new, dear?

When I was small, I had an imaginary friend, a teddy bear who marched behind me to school. Teddy lent promise and comfort, he had my back. Around the fourth grade, Teddy fell back to simply being a bear, a beloved bear who still lives in my house.

Now, I like to concoct imaginary outfits, and daydream that I might wear them. I don't feel covetous, just appreciative.

My fantasy outfits always start with the jewelery, like this exquisite pair of Cathy Waterman green tourmaline earrings. The drops, nearly 2 inches long, are set with rose cut and pear stones (13.51ct tw) in 22K gold, $4,750.

Which I will wear with the Alexander McQueen Chevron dress, $1670 from Bergdorf Goodman.

In my dream, I can always wear heels,
so I'll choose these Prada peep-toe pumps, $650 from Neiman Marcus. The mix of gray and chocolate is so Italian.

There, all dressed!


materfamilias said…
So sophisticated, and really, this imaginary outfit would be cheap at twice the price!
WendyB said…
I like your style!
Anonymous said…
Duchesse, Someday you will have to share your amazing photo-wrapped text skills with me. You are a great blogger, in both content and graphic style...I also suggest you play around with Polyvore if you like to make "fantasy" outfits. It is so fun!!! K
Anonymous said…
Oh I do this too! Everything fits in fantasy land and its all affordable but more importantly Duchesse, I need to borrow your fantasy outfit for a fantasy dinner date I have, is that ok?
Duchesse said…
Cybill: Should things, um, progress on your date, the lingerie under this is of course La Perla.

Karen: I just use the photo import tool on blogspot and move it around till it looks OK. I'm having trouble with Polyvore, it doesn't seem to be Mac friendly- or I need more help than the tutorial is giving.
Susan B said…
Ooh, those earrings are TDF. That's a lovely ensemble, the stuff of dreams.
Anonymous said…
Duchesse, the Polyvore thing can be absolutely maddening. If it weren't for my 11 year old kid, I would be lost....Keep trying, and read their blog for help. Or ask me.

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