Patently smart: Totes

Investment bankers' alert: sometimes downscaling can be subtle. Each of these black patent leather totes is about 17x18 inches, big enough for a paper, your extra sweater and the lunch you are now carrying to work.

Left to right:
Jil Sander large tote,
$1445 from Barney's .
Charles David "Provence" tote, 18x 17 inches, $385 from Nordstrom.
Iman Global City tote, $125 from HSN.


My eyes don't seem to want to downsize. I like the Jil Sander bag the best.
Sue said…
Lands' End has a patent leather tote, too:
Mardel said…
My eyes aren't downsizing yet either. I love the clean lines of the Jill Sander bag.
Duchesse said…
Sue: yes, Lands End has one and theirs also comes in an eye-catching orange.

Belette,Mardel, well yeah, an extra grand should get you something! As my son says, "We are limited only by money"!
Anjela said…
I love patent leather.... especiallly when it rains and a million tiny drops cascade along its lines..Hmmmmm

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