Pure no longer

Like a squirrel laying in nuts for a long winter, I'm checking my cashmere supply.

Left, my first order from the Pure site, a new style; what sold it was this copy: "...gentle gathers to enhance the flatter-chested and flatter the larger-chested, three-quarter length sleeves and deep ribbed hem and cuffs".

The "larger-chested" would be me and hmm, I'd be leaving that belt off.
When it arrived, the sweater was oddly larger across the back than front. (Right, I know about breasts- but even allowing for the differential, it gapped in back, rippling between my shoulder blades.)

The colour was a calm bay green, as shown, a quiet, classic pretty enough colour, but not appealing to me. It looks dull against black; and I rarely wear brown on
the bottom. Can't say if it's pill-prone, but it was well-finished.

Pure is
cheaper than Eric Bompard, whose current catalog ignites impure thoughts that I entertain daily. Some of you have scolded me for this link, but if you love cashmere, here is your goat wool nirvana.

I'd rather pay more for the lush EB sweater coat top, since I'll be wearing it for years.


Julianne said…
This has helped me decide not to order from Pure! Last year I bought 3or 4 cashmere sweaters from Bloomingdales. I was disappointed in them. They itched. I am beginning to wonder if it is me. They do say 100% cashmere.

I still haven't received
my Eric Bompard catalogue :-(. I wear a lot of sweaters and would like to have some nice ones.How does their sizing run? I usually order a L. Sometimes a medium.

I get so frustrated when I finally splurge and buy something and then I am disappointed. I am usually a pretty careful spender, making sure first that I really need something, though not always. Thanks for this post!
Duchesse said…
Julianne, E-mail them! I've had mine for weeks- or maybe I'm on a 'standard' mailing list. If you look online you will see a pop up for each sweater that says, "What's my size?" and they give all measurements, by size, in width and length. (In catalog it's on a page.) I measure my existing sweaters and compare- works every time :)
The actual fulfillment is fast unless you order during Xmas rush. I find the online site easier to navigate than the catalog, for sure! But it's fun to get the card with bits of cashmere and the DVD is delightful. So tell them "depechez-vous"!)
Julianne said…
Thanks! I emailed them again. I like the idea of measuring my sweaters that do fit well.
All of my cashmere is black. That green color of the EB coat is kind of crazy beautiful. Yep, I am going to follow the EB link and lick the virtual windows( French name for window shopping) and drool over all the cashmere I would love to add to my cart.
Mardel said…
I have been putting off ordering from that Eric Bompard Link, although I have been drooling over my computer monitor since you posted it a while ago. I do try not to drool into the keyboard.

I haven't ordered from Pure yet, and appreciate your thoughts. With very few exceptions, I have found that you usually get what you pay for with cashmere.

The Pure sweater you post is nice. It is basic. But it is nothing particularly special, it could be any basic tee or sweater except that it is cashmere. The Eric Bompard coat is gorgeous, will be loved for years and looks like something that will bring a smile every time you wear it. Now that sounds like money well spent.

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