My boys clean up for the wedding

Marianne and David's magical wedding was Friday night.

Above, the bride and groom's first dance to Charles Azanvour's "La Bohème"; below, (left to right) Jules, Marianne, and Etienne.

They had not owned decent jackets for years, relying on flea market finds an
d loaners from friends.

So last week, Le Duc took them shopping.

The result, utterly classic: navy pinstripe suit for Etienne (right), navy blazer and slacks for Jules, Hermes ties borrowed from Papa. What delighted me was their shy pride: "Maman! Look!" (Le Duc said Jules' first choice was a $900 cashmere blazer- he gets it from someone.)

Le Duc is coping with sticker shock, but as I said, with only sons, we were spared years of party dresses and entreaties for the latest It Bag.

Below, we're sipping champagne before the ceremony. Notice how those ties pop? My new mulberry silk embroidered jacket was perfect for a muggy, late summer night.

And here's Le Duc and Etienne, taken before the samba band began to play and everyone kicked off their shoes to dance, laugh and celebrate love.


Susan B said…
What handsome and well-attired hommes you have there! And I'm including le Duc in that assessment. Your jacket is lovely. Best of all, everyone looks to be having a marvelous time.
WendyB said…
Everyone looks very sharp!
materfamilias said…
These photos and your post capture so perfectly what dressing well is all about -- the pleasures of feeling and looking one's best at a wonderful joyous social occasion where stylish, appropriate, gorgeous clothing not only honours the hosts and pleases other guests but also releases one to have a good time, confident that one does look good. The four of you look fabulous!
Duchesse said…
materfamilias: For years I hoped they'd "get" that dressing was for the host, not their mother! Finally!
Anjela's Day said…
So generous of you to 'share' your family with us. The 'boys' Yes, all three of them are just amazingly handsome and(the two younger ones :)) are a perfect blend of both of you. Their 'personalities' like lights just glow even across screens and land formations. I love your jacket & the ties!
Ah what a proud mother you are!!I had tears flowing down my face. I dunno... I am super emotional toay or the idea of weddings and family is the surest trigger of lachrymal secretions
Anonymous said…
Bravo for sons who clean up and dress up for weddings. If my daughter had not begged her father and brother to wear 'the kilt' for her wedding in August, I think we would have had a major tussle on our hands since 'the boy' at age 21 owns a sportcoat(which I think does not fit him any longer), a nice pair of black pants and loafers which he insists on wearing with white socks. Wearing a full dress kilt(jacket, sporran, dirk, et al.)gave him a uniform, made him special(though not so special that he was doing it alone; he and his father looked very spiffy)and earned him major 'brother karma points' from his sisters who were astonished(astonished!)that their little brother would agree to do such a thing, do it correctly, and for some crazy reason, look wonderful. I only wish I could get him to dress up for less important getting up in the morning.
Julianne said…
What a lovely wedding. The bride looks beautiful, and your boys handsome. I love the picture with you and your sons.

My son informed me that he needed "several" cashmere sweaters. And last year when we had to shop for a suit for the same occasion, he asked if I was taking him to Brooks Brothers. Ha, who says boys are easier to clothe?
It looks like you had a wonderful time.
What gorgeous boys you have an what great taste they have. Sounds like it was a lovely evening. Did you post somewhere about what you wore?
Anonymous said…
Oh Duchesse, that looks so wonderful. What a beautiful family you are - inside and out, but jeeze the outside looked good!
Duchesse said…
Belette: I wore Max Mara navy silk jersey palazzo pants, a gray silk shell with unfinished edges by a Montreal designer and a Planet mulberry silk embroidered jacket.

Toby: A dress kit defines dash! How wonderful that he stepped up.

Julianne: That's funny! At least he cares.

Deja, Wendy, Anjela, Cybill and all: Thanks for so kindly allowing me to be the proud maman.
Anonymous said…
Your family is beautiful; do the kids really have French names?
Duchesse said…
Karen: Yes, Le Duc (their father) is French Canadian. Their first names and surnames are French.

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