There are days when you just need a lift

Sometimes a splurge lifts your spirits:
Monica Vinader
moonstone ring, $220 from net-a-porter.

Or... sometimes you need uplift:
La Myster
e Dream Lace Tisha bra in burgundy, $74 from Bare Necessities.

I often depend on fragrance to lift my heart:
cas by Robert Piguest set: 2 oz. body lotion and 1 oz. eau de parfum spray, $45 on sale from Sephora.

But nothing lifts me like lifting up someone else:
A goat
for a widow, single mother or abandoned family in a country like Sudan, $98, available through World Vision.


Susan B said…
I'll take door number four. Thanks for the reminder!
I like the goat the best. But, I do like goats even more when they have a splash or two of Fracas on them.;-)
Anjela's Day said…
Hmmmmm lovely post...I gave my sister (the diplomat in Mali) a gift of hens one year. It was brilliant. I mean they were thrilled. You can even do it for a farm or poor people in America or in Ireland. You can stock a farmland.(hint hint for when I return home) I love that idea and it isn't expensive and the beauty of it is it grows. And also you can have them trained(not the hens or goats) but the people who are accepting the gifts in how to make the most of the livestock and make sure when you do send the 'gifts' that they have sufficient food or land to graze or feed them on.
Thanks Duchesse. I am off to check the ring now. Beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for tempering my greed with some reality (I think). I've already bought a well but I think I should try a goat next.
Julianne said…
I agree this was a lovely post. Giving always makes one feel good. Our Dining For Women group gave to this organization this month, and it sound similar.
Anonymous said…
We buy livestock as gifts from Worldvision at Christmas. Sometimes the receivers are not so amused; I think it is a thoughful gift for those who have everything.
materfamilias said…
I love the three interpretations of "lift" here -- thoughtful and clever.
Duchesse said…
Karen: I see you can buy a rooster... and six hens! That might amuse.

Last holiday season, my office colleagues gave to World Vision instead of to one another; we had a great time choosing form among so many options; microloans, school supplies, housing, livestock etc.
Anonymous said…
World Vision also has a gift that keeps on giving - sponsorship of a child. We've been sponsoring a young boy in Rwanda for about a year now and each letter and picture is a joy.

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