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I was tagged by Julianne of Potpourri Promenade, and I'm going to play meme hookey by responding only to the sections of the meme-list on this very busy day.

mini-meme answers are,

If I had a billion dollars I would...
1. Buy a small, welcoming house, in a real neighbourhood of Paris; I want to hang out with all kinds of people. Maybe here, the Villas des Lilas in Belleville. Le Duc and I will live here part time. (As a writer once said, "Anyone who gets a bit of money f---s off to Paris.")

2. Start a foundation or simply endow one that's doing on-the-ground work where people need food, clean water and health care to live a dignified life. Then my "job" will be working with the foundation. I'll also endow music schools for kids in need, writers' retreats, and other arts-related endeavours.

3. Oh I sound so damn noble! I do love gems. I'll find a string of magically deep glowing pearls and wear them every day... and of course remove them when I get massages any time I please, via house calls.

I'll buy my friends wonderful just-because gifts but sometimes have them delivered anonymously because they're not billionaires too, are they?

Next item: Three Bad Habits:

  • Saying what I think without considering the effect
  • Impatience
  • Losing sight of the impermanence of life
Finally, Snacks I Like:
  • Granola bars (they can ride in my briefcase)
  • Lindt Orange Intense Chocolate bars
  • Vodka martini, extra dry


WendyB said…
Love that quote about Paris.
Anjela's Day said…
I like how you think.
Have you seen the mini-Lindt Orange bars? h also can go in your briefcase.
Julianne said…
Aren't those orange chocolate bars to die for? I can eat the whole thing at once, not good. When you get unbusy, I also tagged you for what's on your mp3 player.( ouch ) Thanks for playing, hope your day gets better!
Duchesse said…
Belette: Oh great, I'll look for them. And the large bar also fits in my briefcase :) Right now I have a modicum of control, one square nearly every day.

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