UdeMan: Caetano Veloso

Almodovar used him in a cameo in "Talk to Her" and the film slowed to a lilting langour.

Known as "the Bob Dylan of Brazil", Veloso's also a political activist who spent several months in prison.

He issue
d an English-language albumn in 2004, but my favourites are his soulful, classic Portuguese tropicalia recordings, and current world-rhythm works like the recent Ce.

"There's a wonderful Brazilian poet who was our best, biggest, greatest modernist, Oswald De Andrade. He has o
ne poem, which I think is the shortest poem in the world.

The title is "Amor" and the poem is "humor". Just that. Amor/humor- love/humor combined- is the method of approach for quotations and references. Without that, it doesn't mean anything." - Caetano Veloso


Seems to be a Brazilian thing go on in our corner of the blogosphere.

I have never heard of Caetano before. But, I do remember this song from "Talk to Her." Really lovely.
Elizabeth said…
I haven't heard of him, but I'll check him out!
Duchesse said…
Belette and enc: Thought he was better known so am delighted to introduce you to this gorgeous music!
Check out the other vides on You Tube!

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