LA area pearl alert!

The wonderful jeweler Zara Scoville of Priceless Imperfections is having a sale!

If only I could be there. All LA-area pearl girls, are you lucky!


I am not in the market for pearls at the moment. I wish I could go for you.
Have a lovely weekend, Duchesse!:-)
Susan B said…
I'd be more disappointed about missing it if we were going to be anywhere other than Paris on that date... ;-)
Anjela's Day said…
Which are your favourite Duchesse? I do like how she mixes the lofty pearls with the lowly ones!(as on her bio)Thanks for the info.
Have a lofty weekend.
You wil be missed.
From one of the 'lowly' ones:)
Anonymous said…
Oh no, I can see I'm up a creek without a checkbook...These are stunning!
Duchesse said…
Anjela, I love the big baroques but I'd take any of Zara's pieces. She is very picky about her pearls.

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