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What I'm listening to.

Tagged by Julianne of Potpourri Promenade... all of these are available by download from iTunes.

1. La realité- Amadou & Miriame
One of the coolest songs ever by the coolest couple ever. On y va! (See them sing it on You Tube.)

2. The Richest Man in Babylon- The Thievery Corporation
Chill lounge reggae; hypnotic

3. Lebanese Blonde- The Thievery Corporation
Addictive electronica

4. Persian Love- Holger Czukay
Nearly 30 later, still thrills me

5. Son of a Preacher Man- Dusty Springfield
A voice that crawls up your pant leg, as my friend Janis' dad said

6. Life on Mars?- Seu Jorge
Can't get this Portuguese version of the Bowie classic out of my head

7. Brand New Leopardskin Pillbox Hat- Bob Dylan
"You know it balances on your head just like a mattress balances on a bottle of wine"

8. Roses and Blue Jays- Buck 65
The lyrics, the beats: brilliant song

9. Take the Long Way- Po Girl
Just gorgeous; with hip hop poet CR Avery

10. Glory Box- Portishead
Langorous and retro

11. Fumbling Toward Ecstasy (Remix version)- Sarah McLachlin
Very high in her scene

12. Ai Du- Ali Farka Touré
One of his great numbers

Ma plus belle histoire d'amour- Barbara
The great love song, the great voice- perfection.
(See on You Tube.)

14. Strawberry Fields Forever- Ben Harper
I like his version

15. Una Musical Brutal- Gotan Project
Gorgeous tango

16. Suicidewinder- Ridley Bent
Hilarious story song from a "guitar-slingin' demon"

17. Pink Moon- Nick Drake
Haunting, beautiful, sad, dark

18. Kiss- Prince
The Purple One, always

19. Baby Scratch My Back- Slim Harpo
"You know how to do it, so baby get to it."

20. Adventures in Solitude- The New Pornographers
Lilting Indy Canadian

21. Everybody Knows- Rufus Wainright
Rufus swings Lenny

22. Melt Your Heart- Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
Charm without cloying affectation

Sea of Love- Cat Power
Odd and moving

24. Porcelain- Moby
This is church music for me

25. Nothing Compares 2 U- Sinead O'Connor
Sinead sings Prince, impeccable


materfamilias said…
Great list! Serious overlaps with my music (no wonder it was so easy to spend that afternoon together last summer) but some new discoveries for me as well.
Duchesse said…
materfamilias: Well then! You're tagged! Please introduce me to some new music when you have time.
Julianne said…
Thank you so much for playing! I know you are busy, and am glad you took the time to do this. I can't wait to check out some of the new ideas for music. A lot of the musicians that people listed, I have never heard of. I am always looking for something new.

I have Pink Moon, and I love Nothing Compares to U. Dusty Springfield was great, wasn't she?

I am loving your blog!
I love this meme. It is so great to learn what others are listening to.

Oh, and Duchesse, I am holding the 2008 Ermine Awards and you have been given an award! COme on over and see.

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