Thinking outside the jewel box: Lucifer Vir Honestus

Whose work would you chose if you got to wave the magic wand and pick one irresistible piece of fine jewelry?

One of my favourite fabulous jewelry designers is Luna Scamuzzi, who designs in partnership with Lino Mandelli under their label, Lucifer Vir Honestus, named for the first Milanese jeweler.

She works with rare minerals like the lilac phosphosiderite shown above, yet creates refined, wearable, undeniably feminine pieces.

A few of her icon
oclastic creations, all from the wonderful jewelry site ylang23:

Diamonds don't have to be big to have presence
Diamond Web ring in rose gold, $4, 350

Earrings don't have
to match
Orange fire opals, one light, one dark, $2, 700

Hoops don't have to be round
Rose gold hoops, $2, 690


Anjela's Day said…
Duchesse, Some lovely choices you have shown this morning. I do like them. Though I barely wear any jewels. Or if I do not for long.

I own a very under-stated pair of Tiffany diamonds- Perhaps shutting out the clutter of so many designs that surround me at the store or at the many shows I frequent.

Or I wear a simple Charles Thomae enamel St. Christopher medal that is all but impossible to get(they are hand-made) and fly out of the store before the boxes are open. A waiting list and months to wait.
I would probably choose Etienne Nitot if I had a choice... Lol

A woman came into my store a few months ago and bought a lovely pair of earrings- simple setting and less than $200
She showed me the necklace she was going to wear with them. A stunning topaz
necklace with diamonds that had been handed down in her family. It had been a gift from Napoleon to Josephine and unfortunately (in my opinion) though she had certain means to authenticate the necklace, her mother had taken the piece and had it 'cut' up, giving each of her three daughters a stone and diamonds(the stones were large) This act of insanity destroyed the piece and the value of it.

Maybe, a Cartier 'Love' bracelet would be nice. Cheer me up today. Or a Pippa Small piece because, I love her anthropological bent... how she unearths a look-a feeling- transforming It into something enduring..... and her collaborations with Nicole Farhi(a fav designer)make it even more appealing. I have to like the designer and her work ethics for employees (scruples abound....)
And yet, and yet I generally end up unwearing every piece I have owned.(The diamonds after watching Blood Diamonds') But I love how they look- How they bring life to my face...I just dislike the history and what it entails to procure a diamond. Meaning, I wish I didn't know.
Anonymous said…
Earrings don't have to match? I'm all over that! When can I start?
Duchesse said…
Anjela: Hmm, diamonds- I sense a post coming on. Going to look up the artists you mention. Heartsick to hear about that necklace being cannibalized.
I am loving those earrings!!!! I am a hoop, pearl or diamand gal. I focus all my energy on necklaces and bracelets so I try to do a more subdued ear. But,that post-modern circle is fantastic.
Mardel said…
Wow, I was unaware of that designer, but am entranced with the site. So much to lust after and dream about. I see no point in dreaming about inexpensive understated jewelry and there is much here to inflame the passions.

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