Sunglasses Sunday

The New York Times' Sunday Section (March 1 edition) celebrated the return of sun (to the northeast US, at least) with a selection of sunglasses at varying price points.

For fun, see if you can spot the low end (under $10) and the high ($545).


Old Navy classic aviators; $9.50 at
Miu Miu silver sunglasses; $195 at Miu Miu boutiques
Alain Mikli honey tortoise cats' eyes; $545 at Alain Mikli in New York

Trispecs sunglasses with built-in speakers; $199.95 at
Purple Ray-Bans; $129 at Henri Bendel in New York
Dolce & Gabbana; $194, also at Henri Bendel

Ralph Lauren tortoise frames; $350 at the Ralph Lauren Eyewear store in New York
Chanel White Forever Perle; $450 at Chanel boutiques

Anthropologie green frames, $38 at Anthropologie stores


Susan B said…
Ooh, love those Anthropologie frames! Wonder if they can put my $500 "progrssive" lenses into them? ;-)

The pair of glasses I had before my current pair had Transition lenses, which darken automatically in bright light. Even though they weren't le plus chic I loved the convenience of them, but my optometrist talked me out of having them in my current pair. I think next time I may go back, as I rarely remember to carry my prescription sunglasses with me and end up sqinting as I drive or walk at lunchtime.
Frugal Scholar said…
OK, since you brought up the sunglasses topic. Does anyone know what the difference is (quality-wise) between the designer model at $400+, the mid-price, and the low? My son brought me back some designer glasses from China (cost $2.00); what would be the difference between these and the real thing? And are the sunglasses sold at, say, Banana Republic and Talbots better quality than the ones at the Dollar Store--or is it just their provenance?
Anonymous said…
Check out the one pair of frames which ARE DIFFERENT!!

TriSpecs - Bluetooth enabled sunglasses - Listen to your music and make crystal clear class with these great shades...The sound quality is absolutely unrivaled...
These just launched and are definitely going to be huge...get'em before everyone else does
Duchesse said…
Pseu: The Anthropolgie are my picks, too!

Frugal: Here's one article that describes sunglass quality:
Anonymous said…
My nose tells me the price of sunglasses. What I mean is that I have a very high bridge and the cheaper brands tend to fit very badly on my nose and eventually make it sore. Pricier sunglasses are usually better made, sturdier and better fitting. But for my face the best have, for many years, been wrap around Raybans. I would pay anything for them although they still tend to be around £100.
Anonymous said…
I couldn't wait to get contact lenses so I could stop wearing glasses, then when I got them, the first thing I bought was sunglasses (?!). I love sunglasses but I refuse to buy expensive ones because they are so easily lost, broken or stolen. I get mine from the cancer council because I trust them to make good lenses.
Julianne said…
I picked the Ralph Lauren. I have been trying to find polarized non prescription glasses that I like and it's not easy. I have prescription for driving, but then I can't read with them.
materfamilias said…
As someone who has worn fairly serious corrective lenses since 8, I nonetheless never got into the habit of wearing sunglasses until 4 or 5 years ago. What made me commit was trying on my son's pair of pricier sporty/designer glasses (I forget now which label) -- Pater and I had tried them on at my son's challenge after mocking the price he paid for them, and we were surprised to see how much better -- sharper, clearer -- the vision was through them, thanks to a better quality lens. Since then, I still haven't bought an expensive designer pair, but have a pair of Ray-Bans and a pair of Maui Jims, and I don't begrudge that price point at all ($2-300). Not saying you have to pay that much for a decent polarized lens, but that's where I noticed the difference.
Anonymous said…
I have Maui Jims, Ray Bans, Serengeti and el cheapos. I love sunglasses and have many, many pairs. The only ones I would spend the money on again are the Serengeti drivers unless I was mad about the style. Hardly any difference among other glasses as long as they are polarized, in my opinion. My main chauffeur gets most upset when I wear sunglasses with broad opaque arms to drive. He says they aren't safe as they block the view.
I'd be able to pick them most likely if I could handle them -I've spent some time working with optometrists and learning about materials and construction of frames, and why they're either cheap or expensive!

I bought a pair of Burberry glasses last year (at 50% off), and they truely are a much better quality both in frame construction and lense than any of the $50 glasses I've ever had before.

Frugal Scholar - cheap plastic frames are made of nylon, which you cannot shape to your face, more expensive plastic frames are made of cellulose acetate (which is a cotton product) and can be moulded to fit your head better. Have a look at this article on frames that I wrote in my newsletter last year hope it makes sense!
Anjela's Day said…
I sell the Anthropologie ones to actually they are AJ Morgan so you might call the Morgan company And the quaity of say my New York cheaper brands is so different to say the Blinde sunglasses or others- That was fun Duchesse

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