Leaving the lounge

My neighbour Lou says she is sick of staying in— "Je suis tanné"!

I am even more dispirited by sheltering in lounge wear. Wearing real clothes makes me feel almost normal. I'm determined to wear things with buttons and zips instead of disguised pyjamas— even if ony taking my permitted health walk.

In actual clothes, there's a form to life, a civil role rather than a schlumpadinka sequestration. I feel like a person, not an extra, even when accessorized by a mask.

I'll show two versions, the luxury and the mid-priced—but not the low, because you can't get there via the low end if you want the clothes to hold up. (Prices in $US.)

1. Trousers instead of sweats
Nothing says soignée in spring like a pair of smart trousers in a mid to pale colour.

High: Akris cuffed cotton silk pants in sand; $895. Cleaning not specified but the fabric suggests dry cleaning, because of the silk.
Mid: J. Crew Cameron slim crop pant in heather saddle; price $85. Machine washable.

2. A tailored jacket instead of an unstructured sweater or parka
Fond of my field jacket, but...

High: An elm green marled wool/silk/linen/cashmere jacket from Lafayette148: I said yes immediately. Price, $898. A spring bouquet to them for making it in women (misses), petite and plus sizes.
Mid: Everlane houndstooth oversized blazer, $180. I'd have to see how well-matched the pattern is, but was drawn to the warm houndstooth, which contains a shot of ochre, unusual at this price point. (S/ot fast, shown for the idea.)

3. A shirt in a quality textile
Love those cotton tees, but...

High: With the green jacket, a pale lavender would be interesting, and though Everlane's silk short-sleeved notch shirt is not high end; its softness loosens up the tailoring; price, $98.
Mid: With the houndstooth, I'd wear J. Crew's orange-print cashmere tee in heather camel; price, $100.

3. A leather shoe, when the day's sunny
Swapping sneakers for a dressier shoe that I can still walk in.

High: That swank outfit is quite austere, so let's pick it up with the shoe: Thierry Rabotin's "Cargo" loafer, $370.
Medium: I chose Clark's "Pure Tone" shoe for its sleek style, but also for its leather lining, substantial heel, and shock-absorbing Cushion-Plus padding. Price is about $US 105/ $CDN 150, good for a leather loafer.

Every spring, Montréalers go a little crazy embracing the first mild weather; this year I expect the same, even amid the restrictions.

On an early-evening walk yesterday, I saw a couple on their balcony. They played  Edith Piaf singing "Non, je ne regrette rien", deliberately loud enough, and raised convivial glasses to passers-by below.


LauraH said…
Have to admit I've gone a little schlumpy - loose fleece bottoms feel cozy both inside and out during this prolonged cool spring. Sticking with my camisole + cashmere sweaters on top though. And adding a pretty scarf and a certain pair of earrings along with favourite Roots boots for my walks. Plus lipstick. The earrings and lipstick make me feel more like myself.
Venasque said…
I have not given in to sweats other than when exercising. I just wear my usual clothing which is fashionably neat and always with makeup. I'm like the French - you never know who you'll run into. Before this hell someone asked me if I was going somewhere. I said "No. This is what I wear". Not getting properly dressed to me is like staying in bed, hiding under a big pile of coats. My husband is working from home. He gets properly dressed every day.

Having said that, I'm with Lou - je suis tanné aussi.
Duchesse got me out of my fleece sweatpants at 7 a.m. - I do confess to wearing those when I'm cleaning with bleach, cleanser or anything else that can destroy better clothing - but I'll just put them back on (or old, worn jeans I don't care about) if I do a spate of such cleaning. No pastels though. Jeans in a dark, violet red. (I dislike pastels, but am seeking our more colour).

Livia is always chic in basic black, but does sport a red collar.
Leslie M said…
Oh, yes indeed for the green Lafayette 148 jacket. I like the whole look down to the shoes. I am ready for spring and new clothes. My new job starts on June 1 and I have purchased a few new tops in preparation/anticipation of being sprung. Most are simple and classic, but after saying that I don’t wear flowery clothes, damn it, I bought a flower covered tunic. I wear real clothes most days, inside and out, and always lipstick and earrings. When my Perfumeniche order arrives, I’ll add fragrance to the list.
Sharon said…
Unfortunately J Crew has filed for Bankruptcy. I'm not sure of the details. Some stores survive as a smaller company. No zippers for me thank you and no pastel bottoms. I love the green blazer.
Duchesse said…
Sharon: J. Crew are still open for business and the filing may not mean the end; they will hand control to their lenders and we'll see what they do. They had been on shaky ground for a few years; quality has dipped noticeably. Still I would be sorry to see them go; they filled an online shopping niche where persons could get some good-looking pieces like that cashmere tee no matter where they lived in North America (and a few other countries.)
Jane in London said…
Oh, those silk-mix trousers are lush! But not really practical for my normal lifestyle, sadly...

I don't actually own any sweat pants - I have leggings for gym and ballet, and technical trousers for serious walking, but no sweat tops or bottoms. So I've been wearing jeans or trousers throughout the quarantine.

I've been making a conscious effort to choose good clothing combinations, with jewellery and accessories, each day. This is my way of keeping up morale and it seems to help. I also wear my normal make-up every day, and keep my hair presentable.

What a wonderful word schlumpadinka is! We don't really use it in the UK, but perhaps we should!

By the way, Duchesse,did you know Dame Judi is on the cover of the June edition of British Vogue?

Jane in London
materfamilias said…
Yesterday I dressed for my Zoom class, even though the screen only shows me from above armpit level -- and I was pleased and amused that our instructor (a young man), greeted me with BuonGiorno, Frances, Che bella sciarpa! (It's an Italian class, and I'm sure he was just working to introduce vocabulary, but I was still tickled. . . I'd premiered a COS dress bought months ago, a pale pink sweatshirt-dress which I will wear with bare legs and white Stan Smiths, eventually, outside, but which I'd felt compelled to finally take the tags off and wear! I haven't felt any urge, otherwise, to bother with anything new, but I mostly try to get out of the pyjamas and avoid the sweats. Your fresh-looking pieces are added inspiration. (I keep looking at that cashmere T!)
Duchesse said…
LauraH:That fab "garden" hoodie you have is technically fleece and is striking.

Venasque: I'm loke that too, in fact now I hope to run into someone, just to break the isolation ever so slightly even if we just nod hello.

lagatta: Oh, cleaning is another whole story!

Leslie M: Congratulations. That green jacket is the essence of classic tailoring, which does not have to look stiff. Maybe it will go on sale ;)

Jane: Just saw that cover, great shot. I was immediately taken with how thick her hair is. Credit for "schlumpadinka" is usually
given to Oprah Winfrey when she hosted her weekday show. It means "a women who dresses like she has completely given up".

materfamilias: So smart to buy a for-later dress was these things ofent are not there once it warms up. I see on COS site they are not equipped to ship to Canada. We have a huge COS here but it is not scheduled to open till later in May and even that is provisional.
By the way, I should have been more precise. I dislike pastels on myself; I'm utterly fine with how other people dress; moreover it isn't any of my damned business.

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