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Tagged! by Deja Pseu, and enjoy playing along:

My favourite:

1. Clothes Shop: Two Toronto treasures, Thrill of the Find for movie-set items, and Alexia von Beck for floaty linens and wools.
Eric Bompard, Paris.

2. F
urniture Shop: Palazetti

3. Sweet: Ice cream, especially Green Tea

4. City: Toronto, my home, the most multicultural city on earth, otherwise, cities of three million or more

5. Drink: Green Kombucha lime tea; vodka martini extra dry

6. Music: Chill electronica; world music; classic Motown

7. TV Series: Mad Men; The Wire

8. Film: The Lives of Others; anything with Tommy Lee Jones, the films of Mike Leigh

9. Workout: Yoga 4x/week, penance on a treadmill, 2 days/week (see below)

10. Pastries: Sticky buns; pecan rolls. Baklava, pain au chocolat and apple fritters. Somebody stop me.

11. Coffe
e: A bowl of café au lait for breakfast

I am tagging:
1. Sjcyogi
2. Anyone who'd enjoy posting in Comments, especially new friends who think, "Oh... me???" Come on and let us meet you!


WendyB said…
LOL @ "penance."
Anjela's Day said…
I think I will spend a long weekend at your home and eat the treats as soon as they are placed on the plate-That way I can save you hah hah
Duchesse said…
anjela: I'd love that, anytime you feel like a getaway.
Anonymous said…
I am with ya on the green tea ice cream....HEAVEN!
Anonymous said…
Does tagged mean send 10 things I love? If so, here goes:
1. dogs; all kinds. Mine is a flashy fawn bitch boxer. I love the formal description as much as I love the beauty and strength and showiness of her..
2.ENDS store in Toronto, in the Beach and a few other places. this weekend they had great brand name down ski jacket for $49.00 in lime green. Hard to pass up.
3. Costco: I get very acceptable cashmere sweaters there ($49.00) and some fine merino wool v.necks ($20.00) in lovely colours. Also great for jeans and cheaper dress pants.
4.Socks with Sandals; As long as the socks are more or less the same colour as the sandals, at the very least not white, I wear my walking sandals for my hopeful attempts at 10K steps per day as long into November as I can without getting wet toes.
5. Body Blitz Spa in Toronto: heaven
6.Tea with milk, lots of milk: cardamon black tea bought from Indian stores. Several cups every morning and at 4 pm.
7. Psychotherapy: as Fritz Perls said, therapy is too good to save for the sick.
8. My new kitchen; I should have renovated years ago
9. My gorgeous 86 year old mother who still turns heads and loves a party. I love giving her pedicures and having special time with her.
10. My wonderful women friends.

Anonymous said…
Ok, so the socks are only so that I can keep my feet warm in November. The real attraction is the wonderful footbed of my surf-tide Columbia sandals that walk me anywhere, even into the canoe. I admit I look geeky in them. But really, they are only for walking the dog. Honest. Can I get a pass?
Duchesse said…
sjcyogi: Tagging means you are requested to fill in the Ten Things (and one extra) as I did in the post. But no worries, your "ten things you love" is an excellent meme too!

The socks, the socks: in your heart you know the truth. What is the sound of one sock dropping?

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