The fine and feathered

Fall's time for feathers-the rich, elegant use of feathers. Not the tacky stagette boa, not the Dynasty dripping-feather picture hat, but graceful plumes as adornments.

Worn as earrings, they're light and elegant, especially in bolder pieces.

From Bijoux de fantasie, "Dejay" earrings, a dramatic 5" drop of fuscia and black feathers. From Bali , fair traded.
Price: $40, with freee shipping to US, Canada and Europe.

Fred Flare offers these iridescent peacock feather earrings, 2.5 inches long. For just $14, add drama to the simplest black dress.

At a recent wedding, several guests wore feather hair ornaments instead of hats.

From Feng Junk, the Grande Flower Feathered Hair Pin by Jennifer Behr tucks into a twist or pony, $140. Available in black, burgundy or cognac, with free shipping in the US and internationally.

Moving into hats, what is lusher, more Mad Men than pheasant feather? And look at this! eBay seller blsckcat has this gorgeous Jackwill Original pheasant feather number (with box) listed at a starting bid of $5.99; auction ends today (Sept. 16).

Dimensions are listed on the site. I see this with a camel topper, vintage chic for a song.

I was captivated by the splendid vintage Orbi Yokohama feathered hat (left) listed for $14.99 lined in black satin. From eBay seller retro-jedi; the auction ends today.

Want more feathered va-voom? Black velour with assorted feathers from seller sheriemilt,in excellent vintage condition, listed now for $9.99; auction ends today. Wear with a suit, red lipstick and a wink. Tres coquette!


Anjela's Day said…
Fabulous! So Bird-of-Paradise looking. I would love to wear one of these-if I could get one to fit my huge head!
WendyB said…
Love that last hat.
Anonymous said…
Personally I'm not a very feathery sort of person, (I saw my Italian grandmother pluck too many dead chickens when I was a child!), but I will always remember the image of a French hat from around 1942 when Paris was under occupation and times were very hard - the hat was the tiniest scrap of felt with the long spine of a completely bald feather curling up and over the head. Only the French could have thought of it - pure chic.
Anonymous said…
Duchesse, I must laugh at the peacock feathers! We have such a problem with an overpopulation of wild peafowl where I live. The local animal protection people would surely think I made my own earrings from one of these neighborhood birds!
Anonymous said…
Oh the hat looks JUST like one I have inherited from my grandmother. She bought it at City of Paris in San Francisco in 1941! Mine is faded, but looks just like this!

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