Chic and cozy cashmere from France

My favourite cashmere designer, Eric Bompard, has just issued the Fall and Winter collection. Though nearly 90F today, I'm happily licking the virtual windows.

Sorry, can't grab photos, so spend a half-hour on the site with a cup of tea, poring over cashmere, from classic to innovative.
I'll hit the shop when I'm in Paris, but I'm delighted to say the knits can come to you!

Their mail order service is efficient and prompt, the web site is in French and English.
A pop-up feature lists size measurements. You can also order the catalog, which includes a card threaded with bits of yarn, to show the true colours. I'm eying the "Pull feminin" in the "Cols rounds et décolletés" section of the Women's boutique.

Many styles are 70% cashmere/30% silk, a still-sumptuous, less costly option than 100% cashmere, and perfect for overheated offices.
The quality is very good. You'll find both soft and vibrant hues, a number of which are subtly odd, such as Mesange (a greyed soft blue).

Thinking of a gift for a special monsieur? Check out the double-faced cashmere mufflers in the Accessories section.

In the depths of a chill winter, a Bompard piece provides snuggly joy; after
15 years, I'm still enjoying every sweater.


Julianne said…
Thanks for introducing me to this cashmere. I have ordered a catalogue. I bought several cashmere sweaters last year from Bloomingdale's and I am not happy with them. They itch, pill, and don't fit well. I have a catalogue from another company called Pure. Have you ever heard of them? They have some pretty items.
Duchesse said…
Julianne: Have heard of Pure and looked at site, but not ordered- read mixed reviews about the quality. My experience: nearly all cashmere pills somewhat(of course the best, far less). My Bompard pieces pill very minimally but I would not say zero.
But none should itch! I like Bompard for their more stylish pieces and interesting colours.
materfamilias said…
I don't know if I can really thank you for this rec. Here I am, supposed to be getting ready for work, running out of time to catch the ferry, and I'm seriously thinking of clicking on a link to cashmere -- and we all know how quickly I'd be able to climb out of that rabbit hole!
Duchesse said…
materfamilias: Perhaps more of a goat barn than a rabbit hole... and cashmere's perfect for an island in winter.
I love the aesthetic of the catalog cover--it looks like Kate Spade meets Marc Jacobs. I am easily pulled in by an artsy aesthetic.

And, then to hear that the quality and the design is so great---I am in! Oh yeah, I have moved to L.A. and have little need for cashmere. Well, there is always travel.
Anonymous said…
I have no cashmere in my wardrobe (oh alright, just the one measly cardi) I think it is a wardrobe hole that I may have to fill...
Anonymous said…
I am leaving tonight for Paris and will check it out when I am there!
Duchesse said…
Karen: Amusez-vous! There are Bompard locations throughout Paris; I like the flagship at 75 bvl Haussmann (8th) and the spacious 26 rue Vavin (6th). Some of the other branches have miniscule fitting rooms. There is also a Bompard bar in Galeries Lafayette.
Anjela's Day said…
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.....saw so many pieces I could love. The bolero with the sleeveless top. The coats ahhh so lovely with my longer skirts- so adorable with my wellingtons- so absolutely perfect with my ballet flats.
Duchesse said…
Anjela: The "Large jacket" in the "jackets and long cardigans" section would tap out my entire clothing budget but ooooh.

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