Spring fling: sumptuous Indian shawls

lcome spring!

This is not the week for a neutral palette, and heavy wools reek of hibernation. Time to lift the spirits without lightening the wallet.

Fleece belongs on lambs, blazers are too severe.
The solution? A fine wool
jamavar shawl. When I visited Delhi last year, I could not get enough of them, and learned to wear them folded, flung- any drape that pleases you is "right".

One good source is Heritage Trading, an eBay seller with a supply of subtle or vibrant pieces in several sizes. You can find Dinesh and his store at: http://stores.ebay.com/Heritage-Trading_Shawls_W0QQcolZ2QQdirZQ2d1QQfsubZ4QQftidZ2QQtZkm

Here's a sampling:

1. Top: Clear pinks and lavender in the largest size, a luxuriant sweep of 40 x 80 inches, $US 40 (All prices do not include postage, which is $7 to the US. They will ship internationally, too.)

2. Middle:
Blue beauty in my favourite size, 28 x 80 inches, small enough to fold in a bag, large enough to drape, $US 37

3. Below: 21 x 72 inches, for petite frames or to wear as a scarf, in soft neutrals, $US 30

The simpler under your shawl, the better. I eschew the old-school style of wearing one over a coat: too babushka.


greying pixie said…
I think shawls are like fans - there is an art to wearing/carrying/using them seductively. Spanish women seem to know how to do it beautifully, even with jeans. They're so much more romantic than a sensible English cardigan and one in a wardrobe goes a long way. My golden beige pashmina has accompanied me around the world including a week's stay in hospital. How anyone can even consider wearing a jacket after the freedom of a shawl amazes me.
Duchesse said…
GP: Your comment about 'even consider wearing a jacket'- so true for me. Shawls are usually far better priced, do not date and are impervious to weight fluctuation.

As far as "art", for me it was just wearing a few times and observing the Indian women here- the various drapes. But even straight-around-the shoulders looks elegant!

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