Older bodies a bust, says Toronto journalist

Jamie Lee Curtis' recent AARP article and photos have irritated Toronto Globe and Mail columnist Lynn Crosbie, who gets it off her chest in a March 25, 2008 column, "Good lord, Jamie, what's really real here?" (though the online title is "Good lord, Jamie, put your top back on".)

The Globe will take your $5 to download her screed on why women (and men, for that matter) should keep it covered, especially the "mares" in the pasture. (Search "Lynn Crosbie Jamie" to find it.)

I say, if you don't want to look at the exposed breasts of a woman past 50, don't open the magazine, if you can even find a copy. This isn't a hard-to-avoid Dove commercial, which I applauded.

What I do not respect is her attack on Curtis' looks, "...Her latter commitment to fitness merely showcased those babies (a reference to what Crosbie calls "her huge artificial breasts"), and one was soon inclined to ignore her manly features, slit lips and utter lack of talent if only to get another glimpse at those melons."

She also says, "When interviewed about sleeping with older women, men make two exceptions, Sophia Loren and Helen Mirren, before passing."

Judging from the photo that accompanies her column, Ms. Crosbie is no filly herself. I wonder what she is planning to do, fully clothed or not, as time passes. "Biology is a bitch, what else is there to say?", she writes.

Takes one to know one?


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