Bags At Our Age (AOA)

Leather bags, At Our Age (AOA henceforth) can cause severe neck and back pain. I was delighted to find these recent Bree models. I carry several Bree leather bags in the signature vegetable-tanned carmel colour, and they wear like iron. 

Though heavier than I should strictly carry, tote them when traveling, as they'll take a kick under a plane seat or hurtle through a revolving door with no ill effects.

Bree are on to us, making lighter bags, blessedly free of blaring logos, well- designed and priced.

Shown, the Twin, made in cowhide and according to Bree's web site , out this spring in nylon, and if it's this zesty red, it's mine! I'm on a mission, and fortunately live in a city with a Bree dealer, so hel-lo, Taschen. Price? Don't have price on yet but am hoping I can afford it!

The black/white graphic tote is the Punch 33 shopper, made of a tarp fabric, based on a traditional postman's bag. Sturdy and pretty light, around $140. Wouldn't this pick up a black trench?

Bree's web site lists stockists internationally, but (good for my bank balance) does not include an online shop.


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