Johnny Bunko: Career book illustrates life lessons

Dan Pink, acclaimed for his nonfiction bestseller "A Whole New Mind" has taken on a subject even more daunting than the shifting economy and it's implications: how to choose work that's way more than "just a job".

If you have a child or grandchild casting about for their metier, Pink's engaging read will help.

The grabber is Pink's approach: he's wrapped solid life lessons around an art form, Manga, the Japanese comic format. A street-smart sprite, Diana, summoned by the snap of a chopstick, imparts the lessons to disheartened cube-dweller Johnny Bunko. Diana delivers with humour and verve- this cheeky pixie has her head on straight.

My 20-year old son sped through the book and said there were tips he had never heard, and that he'd use them. (How could my lectures be forgotten?) Even if he had recalled my advice, it's outdated: we 50+s hurtled into a different world when we got that first job.

Dan Pink's contribution to finding one's path is current, counterintuitive, and stimulating. What a great graduation gift "The Adventures of Johnny Bunko" will make!


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