Charmed, I'm sure

I surf the craft bazaar Etsy, mostly for jewelry. The clothes are too young. I can take the hint: some crafters make dresses in two sizes, small and extra small. I have a bias toward 'real' jewelry, which I think after 50, is a privilege of living through hundreds of fake and funky pieces- fun, but lesser.

Then I found this necklace, made from reclaimed beads, charms and chains, by a Spanish designer, MTuent, and was captivated.

In a sea of loving-hands-at-home beads and sktr-punk stuff, she stands out.

I'm moved by both the evocative elements of her creations and her fractured, romantic English descriptions. The prices ($45-$100) whisper, "Si, si!" Monica makes rings, earrings and bracelets too, but my favourites are her necklaces, where she expresses her lush dreams of gardens, Indian rooms, or birds on a larger

She describes the piece above, called "Circus":

Pieces made with antique material coming from Spanish and Czech antiquarian, from Bohemia region, where there is the best crystal. Pieces made with materials the most since the ens of the XIX and the beginning of XX century. Necklace with antique chain of sterling silver, made in a asymmetric form, in one side it has an antique crystal of a lamp of a Spanish antiquarian joined to the sterling silver chain. It hangs part of an antique Spanish rosary in black color the key that opens the lock and adorned by an antique Czech crystal from Bohemia. On the other side three links vintage black of plastic, Japanese crystal and an antique glass bead of Murano in the center. In this side it is adorned with a rinestones charm and part on an antique sterling silver rosary from which hangs a nice crystal bead of a lamp. The pendant is a bolt of a Spanish antiquarian of 40th years, in black color, adorned with a charm made with a bead of a crystal lamp. Really spectacular. A jewel original and unique.
One luxury of senses.


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