If the shoe fits

"If the shoe fits, it's ugly." I have about given up on heels, though admire them deeply on my friends. I'll venture a low wedge, but lately I've been yearning for these, the "Alma" by Thierry Rabotin. In fact I yearn for almost all of his styles, including the saucy "Ace" leopard wedges.

These shoes are expensive, around $400 a pair, but they fit into "Hell to purchase, heaven to wear" category. I bought a new pair on eBay for $90 and was given another pair after a well-heeled fri
end chose the wrong size.

And I will splash out for summer sandals from Rabotin, because what I'm wearing on my feet shows on my face.

Have you ever looked at a woman who's obviously in distress, then heard her say, "My shoes are killing me?" We don't have to do this anymore.


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