TIFF: You can take the Hamm out of the (Mad) Man, but...

Hamming up

News flash: Jon Hamm ca. 2010 does not look anything like Don Draper. Do you prefer the sleek '60s Mad Men 'do or his real-life pouf?

Don't Casey an
d Ben Affleck look like Mad Men themselves in their skinny suits and black ties? (Hamm's in their new film, "The Town".)

Glamming up

Ever wonder why you don't look like a movie star? Here's Ellen Page, as her own unapologetically granola self, left, and below, after styling.

But then, some women look like movie stars both with and without their makeup:

Megan Fox without (much) makeup:

And on the red carpet last night for the premiere of "Passion Play":

Acting up

Security-conscious actors hit clubs with VIP sections, but the less-inhibited and insulated seek out local joints–like Mickey Rourke watching girls dance on the bar at divey Cabin Five
last night.


s. said…
Just arrived home late last night. Won't be attending any showings this year but, my!, what fun it is just to know that so many lovelies are in our city.
Duchesse said…
They're all over the place, and the industry folk are often as glossy as the talent.
Maggie said…
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Maggie said…
Her's a vote for the slicked back 60's do for Hamm. I actually thought he was wearing a hairpiece at the Emmys! I'll take a closer look for that! But doesn't he also wear the suits of that time so well?
And Duchesse, What fun to have all the glitz and glamor around you!
Rubiatonta said…
Actually, Megan Fox is a lot more approachable looking in her more "natural" state -- she's kind of scary in Full Kabuki.

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