La rentrée at Passage des perles

Welcome back to the Passage! Thank your for reading and returning.

In August, I finished a reno project, idled in cafés with friends, hosted an aioli monstre, traveled in New York, read on the porch and explored my diverse city.

I'll post on Tuesday through Thursday on three broad topics:

1. Culture, social change and modi vivendi, especially concerning life after 50,
2. Jewelry
at various price points, especially pearls, and
3. Resources
for pleasing or useful things, for yourself or as gifts.

I will write infrequently about fashion, since so many cover the topic with passion– and my taste has become ever simpler and quieter.

As usual, I'll strive for candour, but not
necessarily consistency. The late Molly Ivins said: "The thing about democracy, beloveds, is that it is not neat, orderly, or quiet. It requires a certain relish for confusion."

In the Passage, windows are brimming with fall treasures, have a peek!

Ca. 193
0 platinum, diamond and sapphire (faceted and cabuchon cut) earrings; length, 30mm. Price, $1,500 from Isadoras.

Hand-knit Aran beanie hat, $28.67 from Irish Arans.

Cashmere Fair Isle waistcoat, price, £195 from Brora.

Robert Wan double-ring keshi pearl earrings with white gold hooks, in a range of greys from pale to dark. Price, $1,200 from Ylang123.

Four-inch Parisian down powder puff in peach, $54 from BeautyHabit.


Bonjour Duchesse!

I thought it would be fun to be first here, because I got up very, very early a) to see off a friend/neighbour leaving for the airport - to trek in rugged Newfoundland! and b) to reread a document about women's rights and family law in Tunisia, for a client (women's advocacy group) based in South Africa!

I trust you had a good and sunny summer. As for cats and simple pleasures, a friend's Siamese returned after weeks missing, like my own almost two years ago. She (a vet!) and her boys are thrilled - so is the very hungry cat. Looking forward to reading your musings after a much-deserved month off blogging.
Duchesse said…
lagatta: Delighted to hear from you- I'll be in Mtl in early Oct. Pls contact me via e-mail-
Susan B said…
Welcome back! You've "rentreed" with some lovely and unique items as usual.
You were missed here...
Love that you are back.
Mardel said…
Welcome back! You were missed.

It sounds like you had a lovely summer. And of course you come home with lovely and unusual "gifts" to share.
LPC said…
Welcome back, Duchesse.
Belle de Ville said…
Welcome back! I hope that you had a break from blogging.
Rubiatonta said…
Hurrah! You're back!

I've been missing your posts, and I am delighted you had a good summer.

Hope you'll drop by for a visit "chez moi" when you can.
materfamilias said…
lovely to have you back -- and with treasures for us, as usual. That cashmere vest is perfect!
SewingLibrarian said…
Happy to see you back and looking forward to reading your blog once again.
Anonymous said…
Welcome back; I look forward to your posts even though i do not always comment
Duchesse said…
Thanks, everyone! A month off was good for a painful semi-frozen shoulder exacerbated by the by computer.
Frugal Scholar said…
Your August activities all sound great--including the idling.
Northmoon said…
So glad you're back, I'm looking forward to your thoughts, especially concerns under #1.
Duchesse said…
Frugal: As you can see I could not resist reading your blog sometimes!

Northmoon: Thanks for the encouragement, that's my deepest interest.
Hope you had a great summer and are feeling refreshed.

Looking forward to more of your thoughtful and considered posts.
Gayle Ann Berg said…
I truly missed your very thoughtful and enlightening posts...
Kristine said…
Glad you're back, Duchesse!
s. said…
So glad to have you back, ma chere. Just returned from happy times in Brittany/ Paris but mourning the end of my 10+ year romance. Your blog is just the distraction I need. xox
Duchesse said…
s.: Oh! A tender and difficult time.

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