Film Festival: Men in black

An extra post just for fun, to show you current Toronto Film Festival pics; today, the male of the species.

Colin Firth, looking polished in all-black, with magnificent hair. Happy, hostessofthehumblebungalow?

tor David Cronenberg does the all-black well, too, togetha with his leatha.

rey Rush, perennial TIFF party animal in that expensive sportswear we see as a flag of the Festival. So, if a man wants to look polished, black on black, or black with neutrals– and a very good barber– works.

Zak Galifianakis, yet to meet with his stylist, or perhaps irretrievably schlubby.

Javier just off the plane; not dressed up either, but you know it's coming. There's the black again (jeans, grey tee) but being Javi, with a pink shirt!

(All photos except David Cronenberg: Toronto Sun; Cronenberg, CBC News.)


Susan B said…
Thanks for the eye candy (well, mostly)!
Frugal Scholar said…
My husband drove me crazy with his inability to decide what to wear. I bought him 6 black tee shirts a few years ago. We're still waiting for the invite to the festival.
Rubiatonta said…
Oy, the schlubbiness. It hurts my heart.

And I can't help but think that always looking that way helps lock poor Zach into a certain category of acting role that he may well get tired of at some point in the future.

Zach should take a page out of Oliver Platt's book and dress up a bit more. It can't but have helped his career -- well, that and the fact that he's a fine actor.
materfamilias said…
My guy relies on black v-necks, dark-wash jeans, and black leather converse for ease of dressing and comfort -- and I have to say he always look cool and well-groomed this way. Sometimes he switches it up by wearing a coloured v-neck (never bright pink, ah, Javier . . . ), sometimes he changes the sneaks for some coloured ones, but never anything that needs over-thinking. There's definitely a lesson here for me and my wallet . . .
I'm home from work, sitting with my tea and what do I spy with my little eye...but my crush Colin brought to me ever so graciously by that camera wielding Deja Pseu!
Thank you I feel happily energized now!

Mr.HB wears a lots of black...jeans, dress pants, polos and looks very smart when they are paired with a crisp white shirt!

You are a darling!
Duchesse said…
Pseu: Notice below that hostess thinks you're in TO. Maybe next year?
Fugal: You are invited by me! It's open to the public.
Rubi: Think you're right. There are more than a few guys like this on the scene and they do not compel me to watch.
ma: As autumn comes on I revert to loads of black, but that does not mean I don't buy, I just
hostess: Black jeans, white shirt is so dashing :)
An extraordinary coincidence with respect to the Leitmotiv of your blog: Colin Firth turned 50 on the very day you posted this!

And Rubiatonta, you are right. There is no reason a stocky man can't dress well and acquire some gravitas.

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