Essence of spring in exquisite jewels

Enchanting, fanciful and fine spring jewels, just for the pleasure of admiring. Though many of these pieces don't quite coordinate with my lifestyle, I enjoy these gifts of nature, presented with the highest expression of the jeweler's art.

Lily earrings,amethyst, tsavorite, violet sapphires, orange sapphire, set in white gold, $7, 500

Dior Fine Jewlery
"Coffret de
Victoire" ring (designed by Victoire de Castellane); diamonds, rubelite, sapphires, rubies, amethysts, yellow sapphires, paraiba tourmaliine, mandarin garnets, pink sapphires, purple sapphires, spinel,yellow tourmaline and lacquer. (Price on request)

Fred Leighton
Butterfly Brooch in pink yellow and blue diamonds.
(Price on request)

ussell Trusso Orchid Brooch, 18k with enamel, freshwater pearl and diamonds, $9, 500.

Lucifer Vir Honestus
18k gold and amber Pinello Castoncino ring. (Price on request)

These are exotic and rarified jewels, and I'll never own one. But I love to look, to simply admire the designers and jewelers who create such lush treasures.


I'll let you know when it's my birthday!
Susan B said…
Those are truly stunning. Not my style either, but really works of art.
sallymandy said…
Oh, gorgeous! The orchid looks so lush and real.

I don't really think about jewelry that much, but you have so many beautiful jewelry pieces on your blog that I've been paying more attention lately.

Thank you.
materfamilias said…
If/when I get to Toronto again, perhaps you'll take me jewelry window-drooling -- these fit neither my lifestyle nor my budget (duh!) but I do love looking and admiring.
Anonymous said…
Is this a wish list my dear Duchesse? The Barenaked boys had it right: "If I had a million dollars". No millions, I'm sorry, but I am a lucky man. YOU are the rarest of jewels.
Duchesse said…
materfamilias: I would so enjoy that!

sallymandy: As I get older jewelery is more satisfying than clothes (so consider this a benevolent warning!)

Le Duc: Thank you... snd you HAVE given me beautiful jewelry!

Pseu: Pretty ornate, non? But so special.

Imogen: What month?
Mardel said…
Oh these are truly beautiful. I agree that admiring and drooling over beautiful gems can be inspiring. These are inappropriate for my lifestyle and budget as well, but I do love looking.

I paid far less attention to jewelry when I was younger. My perspective has changed.

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