Emami: Thirty ways to drape jersey

I'm a huge fan of jersey; silk is queen, but viscose, hand washable and affordable is just fine, and even a really good poly is a pleasure.

An ingenious design from the Rekjavik design firm
Emami gives you thirty ways to wear their jersey piece: dress, skirt, top, poncho or shawl in many variations. I like it over leggings, as shown in the video, and think it's cool for travel.

The video shows the first batch of options, and the dress comes with illustrations to create many more looks.

To order from Emami or the Dutch web site, Perfectly Basics, for about €140, in black, gray, crimson, mulberry and brown. Here's a look at the a few of the wraps:


Frugal Scholar said…
My daughter has a similar concept dress from Urban Outfitters, though it doesn't have as many permutations.

Loved the Dutch website. With my tiny bit of German and my English, I can read a lot of Dutch! A nice discovery.
materfamilias said…
So this would be the "semi" side of your semi-strict dress? Actually, I can see some congruence in the possibility for neutral or muted tones and in the simplicity, if not in the structure. But you're obviously not wedded to a strict interpretation of strict, at any rate.
This looks like a versatile, clever system, great for travelling.
Duchesse said…
materfamilias: I'd wear back and forth from yoga class, as well as for travel. Version as shown in the photo is simple enough to satisfy my strict craving.

Frugal: Some quality basics on that site. I've decided to avoid Urban Outfitters after several pricey tees I bought my sons fell apart after a few washings (and not put in the dryer).
lagatta à montréal said…
Have you ordered from them (re: quality, sizing)?

I had to give away two leggings I bought in Amsterdam, admittedly cheap at the market, as they didn't fit. Not too small or too big - too straight up and down, a problem I often have with Dutch and German clothes. Waist too big, arse too small.

I never thought I'd abide polyester jersey (doesn't it sound like a shorthand for everything one hates about middle age?) until I bought a couple of gored black skirts, with self slips, by a local young designer, in a strong but agreable matt polyester jersey (perhaps Italian). I wear them constantly on my bicycle; they are ideal cycling skirts.

Yes, Frugal, I was pleased that I could read and understand a lot of Dutch. Straat, Kat. There are linguistic reaons (Germanic sound shifts) that words tend to start out as in German but end up as in English.
Unknown said…
I wish more of my clothes were silk jersey. It drapes beautifully and lasts forever. You can wear it in the summer and the winter. I actually used to have a pair of silk jersey long johns I wore under my riding breeches during winter training. Worth every penny.
Interesting concept - I think I'll show a seamstress friend of mine and see if she can make me something similar to play with.
Duchesse said…
Sher: Both Lands' End and LL Bean make silk knit long underwear which save me from misery each winter.

lagatta: re Dutch site, not yet! I find poly/cotton pills after a few wears (no matter how expensive) but poly/rayon blend or high quality 100& poly knit jersey is just fine, and more durable than most silk jersey, which can snag.

I have more skirts like the ones you describe, made by Muriel Dombret of Clothes, in Ottawa. They are wonderful.

Imogen: Sounds like a fun project!

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