Spring sighting: In the Pink

Over the holidays, I saw my lovely friend Christine in her new red coat, and she looked especially wonderful in a sea of serviceable dark puffer parkas. I loved the buttonholes and pockets piped in black, and the plaid flannel lining. (I think it was plaid... we were at a Fred Eaglesmith concert, where I was enjoying shots of tequila, a favoured libation of Fredheads.)

Christine said her coat is by Pink Tartan, a Ca
nadian label sold by Saks, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, as well as in our local shops.

Pink Tartan's site offers a spring preview, and I was drawn to the dresses above. The violet could peek out under a coat in early spring, with tights.

But oh th
is leopard shirtdress! Could you not put a tee under it and wear it with boots this very minute?

And for red-dress sirens, a sexy summer number.

The coll
ection includes quieter combinations, like the colour-block style, far right, that manages to be dramatic without wearing the model.

Spring promises colour, and by the time the first crocuses peek up in April, I'll be eager to indulge. Christine, in her ruby coat, is wise to break up the blackness of a bleak winter.


Deja Pseu said…
All of those you've pictures are fabulous! I'm off to search their site.
materfamilias said…
I like the shape of these dresses as well as the colours -- structure but with fluidity, room for movement.
I've ended up somehow really adding coats and jackets to my closet over the past two years, but they're all dark -- navy, grey, black. The most colourful is chocolate brown! Which, of course, means that, having all the basics coloured, I could, at some point, treat myself if I happened to see the perfect colour to brighten up the winter gloom. I don't think I will this year, preferring to save any cash for spring colours, but I could . . .
WendyB said…
Oh, yes, let's have some color.

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