UdeMan: Ian McShane

My favourite f--kin' bad boy!

His role as Al Swearingen in Deadwood made McShane an indelible presence, Shakespearean in tone, Machivellian in bearing.

Menace leavened with occasional flashes of humour and heart.

Except for his animated-film voice work, McShane is rarely sought for nice-guy roles, usually playing gangsters, detectives or conflicted characters.
Most recently, he's appeared on Broadway in the 40th anniversary of Harold Pinter's The Homecoming, to rave reviews. (Seeing Ian McShane on stage is one of those Bucket List things for me.)

"The bad boy: always more fun. It's funny. When you're in your early 20s, you go ahead and do everything,... you're playing a 60-year-old in Russian plays, and you get criticized, and you say, 'What the hell, I'm an 18-year-old trying to be a 60-year-old Russian?'

But the bad boy, I had a knack for it from the start."


I just learned that Deadwood was shot less than five miles from where I live. I am not one to be impressed by such things but I love Deadwood so much that I might drive by and check out the street than Ian ran.
Anonymous said…
I believe he was also in a Hitchcock, or Hitchcock like film a long time ago- he was so good, and gorgeous. Janet
Anonymous said…
He wasn't a baddie in "Lovejoy", just a bit scruffy.

I wish they hadn't cancelled Deadwood. HBO has lost it's way lately.
Duchesse said…
Anonymous: Are you thinking of Woody Allen's "Scoop"? I loved him in "Sexy Beast" but that wasn't Hitchcockian.

Anonymous: Rented "Lovejoy" and found it pallid... probably because he was merely scruffy.

Belette: Run by and pant for me! Maybe you'll spot him in the cafe you and Pseu visited.
Imogen Lamport said…
I thought he was great in Lovejoy - it was many years ago that it was on the telly - but he was kind of naughty and nice in that.

Never seen Deadwood - not been on telly here yet.
Anonymous said…
My favorite bad boys are John Malkovich and Nic Cage. And please don't burst my bubble by telling me they are gay. Even if you have a friend in Hollywood who KNOWS they are gay, I don't want to hear about it.

I am still recovering from the Tom Cruise gay rumors.
Duchesse said…
There has never been a whisper of rumour about McShane in that regard, if that matters, Karen! And my word verification is, I swear "consumen".

Imogen: Deadwood, and HBO series, is no longer on tv but available on DVD at good movie rental stores, or for sale (check eBay)as a boxed set by season.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, I was thinking of Frenzy with Jon Finch, another very good looking actor. Janet
Imogen Lamport said…
Thanks Duchesse - I shall look it out.

By the way - I've given you an award - come by and pick it up.
EMZ said…
OMG- I just saw him in his film debut in "The Wild and the Willing," from 1962, having no idea that he was _that_ Ian McShane. He's a baby in it! It's a not very good "Uni days" movie, but also worth seeing for a young (and handsome) Jeremy Brett, and a v. young John Hurt.
Duchesse said…
EMD: What a trio of (young) pulchritude!

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