Gifts: Valentine's Day and beyond

Whether low-key or lavish, Valentine's Day is an occasion to tell someone that you cherish him or her. (An ad I saw last year said "Yes, it's a stupid, made-up, commercial holiday. But it's her favourite stupid, made-up commercial holiday."

Some give gifts; my husband and I exchange a card, or he might bake a heart-shaped cake. My Dad once gave my mother a box of Cuban cigars for Valentine's Day but she got him back on his birthday, March 31, with a set of china.

A friend asked for some ideas for her true love, Joe, on a budget of under $100 (not including shipping), in time for Feb. 14 delivery, but these could also be given for upcoming birthdays or other celebrations.

Soft touch
een down blanket from Garnet Hill, double size (was $188, now $88).

Ruggedly handsome
Dickie's Duck Blanket lined jacket, $51 from Dickie's.

Bright blooms for your yard
A bag of tiger lily mix seeds, $15, from van Bourgondien.

Siren song
Half the Perfect World, Madeleine Peyroux, $15

Brush with fame Frederic Fekkai travel brush, $55 from Bergdorf Goodman.

A classic
1958 Pontiac paperweight or desk t
rophy, $45 from Great Expectations Antiques.

Green Congo Swallowtail (origin, Africa). Wingspan, 31/4 inches, $64 framed from Butterfly Utopia.

Biker guy
Ideal for in-town riding, Rapha Fixed Long-Sleeve Tee, $65,
rom La Bicicletta.


materfamilias said…
So might the Duke be sporting the long-sleeved La Bicicletta T next time he bikes around Paris? A nice array here -- this Valentine's Day, happening on the weekend, Pater and I may actually go out for dinner, something we haven't done for years (so often, we're in different places on the 14th) -- we're thinking of going back to a restaurant that used to seem so glam to us in our 20s, that we haven't been to for at least 25 years. An old-school seafood place, still well-reviewed, but not on our route anymore -- a bit of romantic nostalgia -- we'll see.
Deja Pseu said…
Great ideas! I ususally give mon mari some Teuscher chocolates (his favorite of what's available this side of the Atlantic), but will check out that long-sleeved tee, now that he's a scooter-riding guy.
WendyB said…
I heart Valentine's Day. Really!
Anonymous said…
You have such good ideas!Maybe your friend could give Joe a book:
Sensual Love Secrets for Couples: The Four Freedoms of Body, Mind, Heart & Soul
Explore your physical senses, establish trust, cultivate emotional intimacy, build spiritual bonds and discover the incredible experience that can only be called sacred sex.

Toby Wollin said…
Your featuring the hairbrush made me laugh. After 30+ years of looking at the DH's brush with missing bristles and a broken handle, I got him a brand new boar bristle one with a wooden body for the holidays. I think this year, I shall make him a new lovely white shirt - he tends not to wear them but his last one is getting a bit 'long in the tooth' as my mom used to say. I have some jacquard zigzag woven shirting with his name on it and I think I shall get a start on it.
Duchesse said…
sjcyogi: Thanks for this sensual addition to the ideas!

Toby: Applause to you, being able to produce a shirt. What a personal gift.

materfamilias: Let me know how it is, if you do. We don't go out on VD b/c it is the busiest night of the year for restaurants.

Pseu: Teuscher truffles are heaven! Rapha products are high-quality serious gear. Perhaps both?

Wendy: I heart it too, and could not bear being ignored.
He-weasel's birthday is two days before Valentine's day so I am not always great at getting him gifts for Valentine's. We usually do dinner at a very romantic place.
Imogen Lamport said…
My husband likes a hand made card (made by me).

He likes some chocolates, we don't go overboard. I'm alwasy a lover of jewellery!
Anonymous said…
You are so on it Duchesse!
Anonymous said…
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