New York: What they are wearing, Part 2

Double dadgummit, my camera battery died and I couldn't easily find a replacement for my old model. But I can tell you more, via a few photos.

The weather was pleasantly in the 70F range, so I could see women in their clothes. And behold, NYC was a riot of florals, in everything from tiny to exploded prints. (I am commenting on grown women, and probably residents, as I skipped over obvious tourists.) I thought, Eileen Fisher must be having a fit, and in fact the boutique on Madison was empty each time I passed, even on a prime shopping weekend.

If you think, Ugh, flowers, reconsider, because I include this graphic Diane von Furstenberg ginko-leaf print jacket, which I saw on a woman of at least 65, worn with jeans and navy block heels. So simple and individual.

From light coats to blazers, women were abloom in florals at various price points:

Left to right:
RW& Co blazer, sale price $75 at RW&Co.
Tahari blazer; sale price $97 (limited sizes) at Macy's. The pants make it a suit —a lot of print goin' on, but some can pull it off.
Etro topper; sale price about $1, 600 at Nordstrom.

If a floral garment is too much, think about a scarf. I saw more Hermès worn than I have in years, both casually, with jeans and tees, or a bit more dressed up. This season's "A l'ombre des pivoines" is an exquisite bouquet in each of its five colourways.
Leather jackets in 70-degree weather? Yes, when the evening breeze has a coolish edge and you want to sit on a patio. These were pale, unlined, short. Shown, by Coach.

I spent my limited browsing time looking at original boutiques, which seemed fewer than ever before.  Too many boutiques are now just a "curated" assortment of brands.

One enchanting exception was Anya Ponorovskaya, where captivating dresses fluttered. This is a true boutique, with both ready-to-wear pieces designed by Ms Ponorovskaya and made in New York. Clients can order custom-made or adapted designs. Shown, Dori dress; price, $629.

We had, respectively, two trivial disappointments. The butterflies Le Duc saw at the Museum of Natural History were a thin showing compared to the lush population at Montréal's Jardin botanique, and I did not see one sailor!

Must be because we were absent from sites like Times Square, or may be they didn't get shore leave?


Jean Shaw said…
Cue Rent the Runway? I can see the appeal of florals--but suspect that I would tire of them very quickly.
Unknown said…
I was in the city over the weekend and I passed some sailors dressed in white. One of them smiled at me and said "hello mam". a sweet encounter!
Duchesse said…
Jean Shaw: I suppose that's another rationale for rental, but as you know I don't like the business. I have never seen so many floral clothes in stores in my life.

Unknown @ 12:24: Well lucky you! Where was I?
Beth said…
Well, I love florals, and brought back some fabric from that "Dori" dress, too. And I'm sorry you didn't get to see your sailors!
LauraH said…
Love the gingko leaves on that jacket. Happy to hear that New York is welcoming spring in an appropriate fashion.
Laura J said…
Okay gotta say it: hi sailor, new in town? Buy a lady a drink??? Lol
Duchesse said…
Laura J: Le Duc, in a marinière, responded to that invitation warmly.
I adore that Hermes scarf and I just can't make a case for it in my wardrobe! Happily, I can just look at it and love it...

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