Montréal people: Early spring at the market

In Montréal, spring comes late. In early May, the market expands its stalls; shoppers come in early morning, still warmly dressed, but no longer hunched against the cold.

There seem to be two approaches for the transition: the pale and the colours.

Pales: I'm always mindful of the upkeep, but like these very much.

Left: The ubiquitous puffer (by Montréal brand Löle) goes into May in off-white, worn with a long, latte-coloured scarf.
Centre: Mild enough by late morning for a plush oyster grey cashmere sweater. You'd need an eagle eye to see them, but she is wearing pearl studs.
Right: A spring-hued scarf, white mohair sweater and beaut of a black bag.
(If white washes you out, the scarf is a solution.)

Then there are colours worn with black; not yet the riotous burst we'll see by June, but it's a start, welcome as birds' song.

Left: A lightweight, acid-yellow scarf looked fantastic against her gorgeous white hair.
Centre: A richly-detailed coat that's way beyond basic black.
Right: Just to be inclusive! The "Speak-Easy Heroes" are a Minneapolis band.

 I saw some original looks:

Left: Too bad I didn't get a head to toe shot: look closely at her hair. She's wearing a black headband, but her topknot is green, like her jacket! And on her feet, she wore black rain boots with big white polka dots.
Centre: A sapphire puffer jacket worn with buttery yellow trousers, and extra marks for risking those around a tyke!
Right: This retro coat was made of a nubbly wool that looked hand-woven; note the alligator bag.

Touches of red never fail to inject life:

Left: Red plaid boots, leather leggings, big wrap: a classic equestrienne look.
Centre: A coat of exuberant red, green and ochre.
Right: The red scarf and bag add energy to the soft green.
Two of the women are wearing big pearl studs.

Let's have a coffee and a maple beignet! And before we leave, it's not too early to buy a few potted geraniums, we'll just bring them in overnight.


LauraH said…
Always interesting to see on-the-street in Montreal. Love the spring energy!
Laura J said…
I love the chic pale look but can’t really pull it off. Feel a bit polar bear in them. I subscribe to the add bits of colour school: scarves to the rescue and bright(wool) sweater or two.
Jane said…
I have added jolts of yellow, kelly green and salmon to my spring wardrobe. Thrifted of course. And then the weather turns and it's back to grey and black. The children have thrown open the doors to their balconies. Is it finally spring? -Lily
Duchesse said…
Laura H: Intense pent-up desire had some in shorts!

Laura J: Ha! They wear black or blue (as in jeans) on the bottom.

Lily: I have a small stack of spring-coloured cashmere because even though it's cold, I just want that colour. Yes, the balcony parties have begun even if the residents need to drink a beer with gloves on, as I saw last week.
royleen said…
Oh, the memories I have of that market! We spent hours and hours there; you are fortunate to have it so close to you. The different outfits are so much fun to review. Very chic!
I can't imagine how I might survive your long winter; then again, people tell me they couldn't survive my hot summer!
Wendy said…
These market posts are always my favorite! Nothing I like better than people watching and it’s extra fun there, with more interesting combinations of colors. Maybe it’s because it’s the big city, but it seems people dress more creatively there than here in small town Northern California.

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