New York: What they are wearing

I'm in New York; it's Fleet Week, when the US Navy and Marine Corps deploy 4, 500 sailors to Manhattan as a PR exercise.

Ships parade in the harbour, sailors in whites pack the city streets, lending an extra shine to the Big Apple.

What do they wear? Whites! Me too; I've packed white jeans after checking the hotel's turnaround  time for laundry service.

I may check a few favourite addresses while Le Duc communes with butterflies at the Museum of Natural History, but for the moment, it's windows and people-watching.

In the luxe windows:
Dreamy summer clothes and accessories, such fun to look! A few standouts:

Nappa leather quilted leather skirt, Bottega Veneta. (Where would you wear in summer's heat? The craftsmanship is incredible; the piece is astoundingly light.) Hermès' window featured black, white and acid yellow, with these Torsade sandals, a summery way to wear black.

On the streets

In real life, many grown women are in shirtdresses, to the knee or just below, worn with a waist-length cardigan, much better-proportioned for these dresses than the 'coatigan', pretty much ovah here. (Shown, left to right: by Equipment at Saks, Diane von Furstenberg at Intermix, and 1901 at Nordstrom.)

I'm seeing NYC black everywhere, but lightened by the fabric and shoes. This shirt dress is by Lafayette148 at Nordstrom:

A black leather tote or satchel in sunny, 72F weather looks heavy, so women change over to colour, whether pastels or brights. Perfection in a work bag: Dagen Dover's Signature Tote, shown in Sunbreak, but available in many colour choices.

Truly chic: a summer umbrella. At Rain or Shine, oh would I love this one by Arsushi Nakashima!

More later;  I'm off for more exploring, sailor sightings, and an egg cream.


Laura J said…
NY NY ! it’s a wonderful town!!!! The people ride in a hole in the ground. !!!! Enjoy your visit—cloisters garden? Frick? Atrium at the Morgan library??? Akris on Madison?
Fritinancy said…
I'm headed to New York next week -- thanks for the preview!
Duchesse said…
Laura J, All good guesses but not much shopping for me, what with the abysmal exchange rate. Well, unless...
Duchesse said…
Fritinancy: Always fun, whether combining with work or just cavorting. Bon voyage!
LauraH said…
Funnily enough, I took On the Town out off the library last week. Great fun!
Gretchen said…
It’s Commissioning Week here in Annapolis, and the weather was perfectly beautiful until today, so families and spectators are much more comfortable than in some years. Saw a mid taking pics of his sponsor family dressed up for an evening event on my walk last night-lots of smiles all around. I used to have that Dagne Dover work bag in cobalt. It was uncomfortably heavy even without all the stuff I have to lug on the subway to DC, so I gave it to my daughter and resorted to an Annabel Ingalls bag, which may be demoted as its straps are beginning to tear. Thanks for showing the shirtdresses-they are my summer staple. Keep us posted on how the white jeans work on your trip!
Sounds like you are having quite the trip! Hope we get a couple more discreet photos of fit men in white. Those shirtdresses are very attractive. That look would also work with a shirt (linen?) and a longish a-line skirt.

We are also coming up to the 75th anniversary of D-Day, alas probably the last "major" anniversary where a significant number of veterans will be alive and in shape enough to turn out. I've been to Dieppe and to Canadian/Commonwealth war graves in the Netherlands, but alas not yet to the landing beaches.

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