Real people dressing on Thanksgiving

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, which included a quick trip to the market for last-minute additions. Even though the temperature, 12C (53F) didn't dictate bundling, we'll spot the shift to fall on real people walking about.

A few shots were grabbed (adhering to our laws), a few solicited, and one actually volunteered.

She embodied the season: scarves and leather, newsboy cap. He looked like Steve McQueen.

A meltingly pretty ensemble of a pink fedora, pink-and-cocoa windowpane coat, blush tights and taupe boots, très rafinée.

Squash shades, from signal orange to mustard, are worn with verve before Montréalers embrace the deeper tones of winter. 

At left, the aqua of the scarf tweaks the tang of the orange. And I love a simple beret in an interesting colour.

At right, a boiled-wool jacket, jeans and boots, the favoured footwear here once women stow their sandals.

Le Duc in ochre...

... and this young man in his mustard hoodie. 
Such a cute couple buying squash. 
I admired her scarf and he beamed at her fondly.

Stripes, shorts, tights, sheepskin boots...

And a clown crowned in sunlight, making twisty animals for little ones.

In a sheltered sunny spot, the afternoon felt nearly summery. They were speaking Spanish, wrapped up in their conversation. 
As the old song goes, I've got my love to keep me warm.

I was grateful for many felicitous moments, including those spent in the Passage, and for you, from whom
I've learned so much.


Une Femme said…
Wonderful shots, Duchesse! I see the Montréal-er's have a knack for scarves to rival the Parisians. :-) I'm entranced by that orange-and-aqua combo, and have been on the lookout a squash colored scarf or other accent piece.
Sarah said…
Thank you for this lovely post,very inspiring to see those autumn shades on 'real people'. In Amsterdam is also around 12C but not as sunny... I am looking for inspiration how to wear my new mustard shirt, I find it a difficult one to combine with other colors. I do love the autumn colors!
materfamilias said…
Fabulous! What a collection! I'll be coming back to this post for inspiration. . . .love that pink windowpane coat. Love it!
LPC said…
Wait! Is everyone in Montreal so good-looking then? How has this secret been kept from the world?
frugalscholar said…
Love that urban vibe.
Love that tangerine coat and beret!
Oh and the mustard hoodie man looks quite handsome in a rough and tumble way...
gosh there's great people watching in your area. Love to see this as a regular feature.
I've seen that lass in her old-rose fedora and matched but not too-matchy coat.

Le Duc always looks cool.

LPC, my name links to a site about les Montréalais et Montréalaises à bicyclette. Look at where today's pic is!

And Duchesse, you must buy a Potimarron, a potiron that has a chestnut taste - it is a French cultivar of the Japanese Kuri squash (Kuri also means chestnut). These are a beautiful deep red-orange and the flesh, while not quite as red, is very deep orange too; highly nutritious and very, very tasty.

Unless you dislike squash, of course.
Duchesse said…
Pseu: H9ow about this?

Montréalers own the scarf even more than Parisiens, IMO, because they *need* them about 9 months a year- and like to wear them 12.

Sarah: Mustard with brown, charcoal and of course denim blue- but also with forest green, crimson, and even, if you have a scarf or other accessory that ties it together, with odd pairings like shocking pink, purple and turquoise. Some of the Italian prints (like Etro) mix mustard with all kinds of colours. The key might be finding the 'blending piece'.

materfamilias: She was a beautiful girl in an unusual palette- really stood out.

LPC: As our native Leonard Cohen sings, "Everybody knows".

frugalscholar: Such varied examples- all ages and types.

hostess: I might do it seasonally and thanks for the encouragement. Quite an eye for the fellas there, girlie!

lagatta; Her hat is a rare colour.

And- that bike shot is taken at the park in front of our place! Have tasted that squash without knowing the name. A friend served it pureed under a bed of greens, an unusual treatment for a salad- delicious!

william said…
Thanks for the glimpse of Montreal in the fall, Duchesse! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jill Ann said…
Sarah, and Duchesse: i recently bought a pair of mustardy-colored jeans. So far I have worn them with a black top and leopard-print shoes, and with a denim blue top and suede moccasins. When I first brought them home I spent some time in the closet, trying various looks. I was surprised how much I had that went with them! Leopard print blouse, navy v-neck, dark brown tee with leopard print scarf or tortoiseshell necklace, brown tweed jacket, forest green/gold paisley silk blouse, and about five other scarves. Who knew it was such a versatile color!

---Jill Ann
sisty said…
I am thankful for you.


19 sessInte
coffeeaddict said…
Love the woman's outfit in the first photo: newsboy cap, shawl and leather coat. I love to see that people still know how to wear hats and caps :-)
Duchesse said…
Francie: This is my favourite season here.

Jill Ann: Thanks for the advice, they sound wonderful- unusual yet wearable.

sisty: Heartwarming!

coffee addict: This climate supports hats! When I read "shawl" I thought, No it's a scarf, but you are right too- some shawls are worn up high around the neck like scarves, even the really big ones, almost blanket sized.

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