Pearly gifts, petite prices

If you observe the tradition of Christmas gifts for friends and family, it's time to plan. Those charitable contributions are noble and needed, but perhaps–given these prices–you might both delight and donate.

Here's where to find pearls from $22 to $202, for gift or wish lists.

Because a woman is even more beautiful in pearls. She just is.

Tahitian pearl and black diamond pendant
October special: Tahitian drop pearl and diamond pendant, a hip combo from the usually conservative Pearl Paradise; who knew?  

9mm-10mm peacock Tahitian pearl and .30ct black diamond briolette, on a substantial 18-inch white gold chain, $202; $185 for the 16-inch length. Thirty-day return policy; free shipping in US, $26 to Canada.

Huge lavender baroques
Lavish lavender baroques (up to 15mm) with a decorative vermeil clasp, not perfect rounds, but pearls of character and charm. Note that the necklace is choker length, 16 inches. Price, $189 from etsy seller Yvonne's Pearls. 

Sold  as a set with pretty ametrine bead and lavender baroque earrings. (Give the earrings, keep the necklace? Naughty girl!)

Mauve pearl and ametrine necklace
If you like long necklaces, Yvonne's Pearls offer a floating 8mm-9mm, 24-inch mauve freshwater pearl and ametrine necklace strung on pink silk, a feminine, delicate layering piece. Sale price, $22. (I've bought tights that cost more.)

Wouldn't this make a delightful stocking stuffer?

Hydrangea ring with pink pearl
Amie Plante is one of my favourite etsy sellers; in a sea of earnestness, her work stands out. The eloquent Hydrangea ring is offered in various finishes.

Shown, copper multicoloured patinaed silver with a pink pearl. Price, $120. (Allow up to three weeks to produce and ship your order.)

Exotic natural coloured studs
You have to be wary of eBay pearl sellers– especially those in Asia; the pearls shown are not always what's sent. I've had excellent results with pearlunar; you do get the pearls pictured. (And unlike most vendors, returns are accepted.) The eBay store is called Pearluna Pearls Only.

These lavender blue-green 8.5mm studs are notable for their exotic natural colour and very good luster. 14k gold posts. BIN price $80, with free shipping to US and $5 to other countries. (This pair is item #360300200238.)

Firecracker salmon, peach and lavender strand
Kojima Company's specialty is the unique and rare, and though that kind of pearl love can dent the kitty, a number of delights are under $200.

A 10mm x 14mm "firecracker" strand of glowing, natural colour salmon, lavender and peach certainly pops! The 16-inch strand is $120, which includes stringing. (Stringing adds 1 1/2 to  2 inches.)

When you order, you can select a clasp in silver, gold plate or gold, for about $10-$175, depending on size and material.

I hope I've served anyone who wonders, What could I give that's special, but doesn't cost the earth?

As Chanel said, "There is not a woman alive who does not know how to wear jewelry". I've known a few who don't (and I guess Home Depot will be relieved), but if she enjoys gems, consider pearls: timeless, treasured, and never more accessible.


Susan B said…
Wow, I love that ring and the Kojima pearls. And less expensive than a lot of costume pieces! I'm thinking about getting MIL something interesting from Kojima, as she appreciates that kind of uniqueness.
Just went and visited all those I am thinking of aquiring some large pearl studs...sigh, I am a pearl girl....thanks for sharing!
LPC said…
I like those Pearlunar studs. What a beautiful color.
spacegeek said…
Such lovely options! I've bookmarked the etsy seller. Deja, I have a Kojima necklace on right now, and it is gorgeous and excellent quality. I get tons of compliments on it. FWIW, I had ordered a different necklace from them, and decided it did not suit me. I returned it with absolutely no hassle. Several months later I ordered the one I'm wearing.
Duchesse said…
spacegeek: Tormented by curiosity! What did you end up with? As I recall you bought coins, are those the ones you exchanged?
materfamilias said…
This is the tricky kind of Christmas shopping, the kind that tests one's selflessness -- one for her, two for me . . .
Anonymous said…
The Tahitian pearl is absolutely beautiful ... I am going to dream of that tonight. I shall have to have a look at the other websites you mention too. I am a sucker for pearls.
Demi-pointe said…
Those offerings are lovely. Thank you for such skilled scouting!- especially your navigation through Etsy which I know is worthwhile though it totally overwhelms me (oh, and same for Ebay).
spacegeek said…
I bought 12mm (big) pondslime coins with mixed pondslime keshis. The olive green-blue-yellow shimmer of this color is perfect for many of my outfits. I don't have a blog or I'd post a picture!

My return was white petal pearls that were too jagged for my taste and looked like teeth to me. Kinda freaked me out. LOL
Duchesse said…
materfamilias: Thank goodness I have not DIL- yet!

Alienne: International shipping is avaiable, and you do have something to celebrate.

Demi-pointe: I'm due for another Etsy review but it's daunting.

spacegeek: Pondslime is for some a name they can't get past (I've never been turned away by it); however, the play of colour is so shimmery and changes with the light. Great choice.
Frugal Scholar said…
Love them all, especially the last one. OF course, I'm thinking of a gift for my daughter, but I really should think of a gift for ME.
Mardel said…
Wonderful choices here, and fabulous prices. I'm thinking about Kojima for a few gifts this year as well, and some of these other links look very interesting.
s. said…
Thanks for your generous scouting and impeccable advice, ma chere! As always, a joy to behold...
LAM said…
I agree with you about Amie Plante on Etsy. I recently received a necklace (small pearls in a peapod design)that is intended as a gift. The quality is stunning and I'm rethinking the gift idea. She doesn't disappoint.
Duchesse said…
LAM: I would, too! Thanks so much for the report.
Duchesse said…
s.: And maybe you have had those pearls restrung? xoxo
Anonymous said…
I have noticed that when I photograph women wearing pearls, I have another reference point to fix the "white balance" on my digital images. If you are about to have your picture taken, sneak in a pearl ring, bracelet, or earring (if the full on pearl necklace isn't quite "you"), and you will have lovely skin tones result-- and give your photographer a helpful aid for balancing color in color photos. Try it yourself with your own digital camera and photo editing!
Duchesse said…
Anonymous; Another reason to wear pearls, one I'd never thought of- thanks!

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