Des vieux amants

Today is our 24th wedding anniversary, an especially evocative one, for we are on the edge of an empty nest ("cette chambre sans berceau"), the last bird gathering twigs for his move.

I'm the early riser; I came downstairs to find a note on my laptop: "Just press play".

For you, as well, Jacques Brel's "Chanson des vieux amants" (with English subtitles).


~Tessa~Scoffs said…
Beautifully written post, Duchesse..."cette chambre sans berceau"...that's so far into the future for me I can't imagine it but now that I know the phrase, I will chant it like a mantra. Oh and by the way, blessing on your twenty-four years...with a man like Le Duc, time must have flown.
materfamilias said…
such a romantic way to begin your day -- may you enjoy the rest of it, and many more years together with your vieu amant.
A Sweet and thoughtful start to a memorable day...enjoy it whatever unfolds and I am guessing there will be romance in the air!
Happy anniversary.
Susan B said…
Awwww, how wonderfully sweet and romantic! Happy Anniversary, and may you have many more happy, healthy years together!

(We celebrated our 15th yesterday, was technically Friday but as we both had to work, decided to celebrate a day later.)
Belle de Ville said…
That Brel song is so bittersweet and touching. I wish you and your husband a very happy anniversary.
Like a lot of people here, I know the lyrics of that Brel song by heart. Sometimes it bothers me and I have to turn it off - it is not an easy or even happy song, too much like real life, I guess.

So have a happy day, both of you. An empty nest must be such an odd thing, at once a bit desolate but also liberating while you still have the health to enjoy round two. (I've never had children; long-distance sweetie has a grown daughter).

Many years you must have snow on the ground for your anniversary but I imagine that there are a lot of buds and perhaps even some early spring flowers in Toronto, a zone warmer than we are. I saw lots of huge buds on trees while out yesterday, and tulip, daffodil, snowdrop leaves just preparing to burst out in flower.

In French there is a powerful verb for that: éclore, the noun is éclosion. It means to hatch, to bloom, to burst open, figuratively too.

So a happy day to you and also to pseu et son homme!
Tish Jett said…
Happy, happy, happy anniversary. Every time I listen to those words I get teary. It's the beautiful bittersweetness he captured so perfectly.

I hope your day is filled with joy and surprises.

You are married to a romantic. Isn't that lovely?
LPC said…
Oh gosh, that chorus. Marvelous.
Duchesse said…
Belle, Tish and all: Yes, bittersweet; the song captures love with its challenges and joys and the unsettling spaces in between. Some say it is the best love song ever written- though that may be from Brel fans.

lagatta: In 24 years the date has been truly springlike only a handful of years, including the first one. Risotto Milanese for dinner, though, so the flurries don't matter.
Frugal Scholar said…
Ahhh, le Duc is as gifted at gift-giving as you are.

Re your mysterious message--for some reason, the "about me" isn't showing up, so I can't link to that at the moment.
Happy Anniversary - I hope you and Le Duc have an indulgent day, or at least an indulgent meal together this evening. Plus, of course, many more happy years together.
mette said…
My congratulations to you and your husband come a day too late. Congratulations!! I assume you had a nice day. You only have 1 year to 25 years, 1/4 of a century! I know the empty nest phase, have somehow recovered from the first bird leaving, but as you know, I have no knowledge when my second one is ready to try her wings. I´m sure you will survive, you and your husband are so active in every way.
diverchic said…
God bless that sweet rogue, Le Duc, for such a charming wake up love note. Happy Anniversary to you both.
Anonymous said…
Will have to celebrate that sorry I didn't say anything Sunday when I called, I had no idea. Feel so bad, also forgot to call the Duc on his birthday last month.
I had no idea the Bros was such a romantic...takes after the old man I guess!
See you Saturday and Congratulations.
Duchesse said…
Anonymous: Looking fwd to seeing you
two! From what I've heard he is not the only son to be romantic!
s. said…
Happy Anniversary, Duchesse!
Anonymous said…
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