Award reworked: Odds blogkins!

This award of appreciation was passed on to me by metscan; thank you, friend!

She requested that I pass it on to 15 (!) other bloggers. This would be somewhat circular, as she and I read many of the same edifying offerings.

So I thought I'd bend the rules to introduce a few blogs that I read irregularlyonly because I limit my online time. You might enjoy meeting them.

Lost & Found In India: Notes from a Dusty Spiritualist
A yogini who takes me back to India, where I would return in a heartbeat.

The Gori Wife Life
White North American girl marries brown Pakistani guy, and writes about "this crazy adventure". She even posts videos shot inside her BIL's home in Karachi.

The Silky Side
Vanessa, a Viennese artist (who sells her work on etsy) has a passion for scarves, especially Herm
ès, and wears them in the most un-stodgy way.

Bad Language
Matthew Stibbe "writes about writing". (Thanks to Nancy Friedman, of the short, sharp
Fritinancy, for linking me to him.) You can also find his practical, free e-book, "30 Days to Better Business Writing", on the blog.

Change This
Not a blog, more like a newsletter. Monthly "manifestos" related to social change, with an emphasis on work life, but also addresses topics like Michael Pollan's "An Eater's Ma
nifesto". I founded a book club at work using these; our lively discussions didn't cost a dime (except for the candy I brought).

The purpose of these awards is to express gratitude to the blogger for her labour of love. So warm thanks to all the bloggers for your writing, and to everyone, for your comments. Consider yourselves awarded!

I'm also asked to reveal 15 things about my life or personality. Here goes!

1. Love magic, especially Ricky Jay
2. Was the spelling champion of my county, age 12
3. Am blissed-out at the movies, which I prefer to view at a theatre
4. Love all those 'white foods': bread, pasta, potatoes– and like vegetables, but they are a duty
5. Think there was one deeply and naturally hip person ever, so relax about trying (And that was Thelonius Monk.)
6. Am entertained by spy novels, especially Alan Furst's
7. Wish for a granddaughter, but a grandson would be wonderful too
8. Collect interesting
textiles but am terrified to return to sewing
9. Began Pa
ssage des perles because my comments on Deja Pseu's blog were too long
10. Believe all women are even more beautiful in pearls!


mette said…
I didn´t know those things about you;)! I share your number 7, would love to babysit, but I am allowed only to wait. Thank you for participating in the game!
Susan B said…
Thanks for introducing us to those wonderful blogs and for sharing those interesting tidbits about yourself! I've already visited Silky Side per your recommendation and added her to my reader and blogroll!
LPC said…
Duchesse! How fun to see some facts about her Duchesseness. I will look at those India blogs.
Hm, your tidbits of info are adding a personal dimension, love that you started blogging like I was on privilege that I got long winded and started...I agree about the pearl comment...there is something magical about the radiance and warmth of the nacre...
I too have to limit my blog reading!
s. said…
Hold it right there, Missy! You were asked to share 15 random things and you only gave us 10; please don't rob us of the final 5.
materfamilias said…
I like the way you've responded to these awards -- it becomes impossible to recommend as many new ones as requested, doesn't it?!
I'll have to do something similar one of these days.
And I also know how tough it is to come up with a few new items to share when one's been blogging for a while! 10 tidbits make a welcome treat!
btw, was blogger giving you trouble today -- I couldn't get to any of my favourite blogger blogs for quite a few hours (not even my own), nor to
Fascinating insights into Duchesse! Wish my parents were so keen on a granddaughter or son, they display little interest in my kids - Ok to see a couple of times a year, but otherwise too busy.
Duchesse said…
s: I blame my Canadian reticence.

materfamilias: I am in principle against any strings whatsoever on awards, and at the same time enjoy the "thank you", because this IS work. Blogger was weird yesterday but seems to have recovered.

Imogen: Your children are so adorable, I'd just squeeze them to bits.

Pseu: Great, she is doing things I have not seen before.

LPC: If you find India blogs you like pls share.
Vix said…
#9 was a surprise! I find commenting a lot easier than creating from scratch, so congrats to you for the apparently seamless transition.

Re #8, your textile love: Being a bit behind in my reading I caught your post about Muriel Dombret first...I wonder if you've asked her if she'd consider using your fabric for one of her designs?
Duchesse said…
Vix: Muriel's fabrics are perfect for her designs. Those I collect now are mostly shawls and scarves.
Anjela's Day said…
I love Passage des perles....reminds me of the sound of my agent(Jacques de Spoelberg) who has rejected me twice But you are kind :) I have found many interesting blogs along the way- I have spent a while now going to visit the ones you listed. Fascinating to roam around the world and see such delightful people.
Thanks Duchesse.

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