Pearls for the first spring days

In spring, the pearl love bursts forth. Here's a new crop for you: various price points and pleasing design, just in time for the first day of spring.

Kojima Company are a source for Kamokas, a Tahitian pearl from Ahe, French Polynesia, and offer this ravishing strand knotted on aqua silk. The pearls range in color from steel grey, to peacock and aubergine and measure 9.2–9.7mm. Price, $925.

(Restyle your tried and true strand by restringing on coloured silk. I cannot resist: why knot?

Pink pearls are the essence of tender spring, and this pair of studs, set in brushed sterling bezels, remind me of pussy willows. $78 from etsy seller moiraklime.

Gump's pearls are always dreamy; some are very fine, and therefore costly. These luminous white 8.5mm freshwater pearls, contrasted against the pop of 10mm turquoise beads, are a relatively affordable $675. Smashing from spring through summer.

We could wear our nice, simple pearl studs, but these Gabrielle Sanchez white freshwater pearls are far more fanciful. Set in 18K yellow gold and inlaid with citrine, oro verdi, amethyst and rhodolite, about 1 3/4 inches long; price, $968 from Twist.

Spring suggests light pieces. This yellow gold arrow pendant with rose diamonds and pearl by Annina Vogel has timeless presence. Price, £1,630; from Kabiri.

Pearls on the wing: an art noveau butterfly brooch from Beladora, $1,150. Measures about one by one and a quarter inches, just right for a lapel, at the neck of a sweater, or pinned on a beret. Red enamel wings, pearl wingtips and body, ruby cabuchon eyes– one fabulous flutter-by.

Pearls are June's birth stone, but it's hardly rushing the season to wear them now. When is spring ever too early?


Susan B said…
When Duchesse posts about pearls, the universe sighs a happy sigh.

I LOVE those earrings with the inlaid gems, what a nice Twist indeed!
LPC said…
I saw those pearl and turquoise in the Gumps catalogue and loved them. Sighing indeed, Deja.
materfamilias said…
Sigh # Three! So yummy! I'm wearing a pink shirt today as we've got some lovely spring sunshine -- and you've inspired me to wear my pearls with it. They're much plainer than your beauties, but they'll get me in the spring mood. Thanks for all the prettiness!
Belle de Ville said…
I'm intrigued with the idea of stringing pearls with a thread that is complementary rather than the same in color. I think that this would look really cool with Tahitians that are greenish in hue with a green thread.
Thanks for the butterfly pic. I am crazy about Victorian and Art Nouveau insect jewelry. Those pieces remind me of the AS Byatt book "Angels & Insects" and the eponymous film with Kristin Scott Thomas and Patsy Kensit!
Toby Wollin said…
The neck with NWS and Accuweather! La Duchesse has now posted about pearls so it is officially La Printemps. And I too am stunned with the earrings with the inlaid little gemstones. How clever and amusing.
mette said…
You know that I love the big pearls. I never thought of the idea of a thread of a different color than the original. Am now thinking about it. Thank you for your post!
Duchesse said…
ma: If only these pieces 'were' mine!

Belle and metscan: Coloured silk is a marvelous effect for pearls, and you can always change back. Kojima also show white Akoyas stung on orange silk. I have black with red.

Toby: Aren't they marvelous? I once had a pendant, a Tahitian pearl inlaid with a ruby, which fell off my neck. Hope the person who found it enjoys it!
BookishNYC said…
My birthday is in June, and I may have just decided on a gift for myself: the pearl-and-turquoise earrings from Gumps. I don't know whether to thank you or curse you!
materfamilias said…
I did know they weren't pearls that you get to wear personally, but I call them yours because it's your great eye that selected them! If I were in charge of the world, I'd be sure you had a few of these treasures for your own;-)
Great selection Duchesse - love those Gabrielle Sanchez ones!
spacegeek said…
Love those Twist earrings!! I was getting my eyes checked recently, and the optometrist observed that "not many people wear pearls these days." I was surprised, because I adore them and wear many styles.
Is my blogosphere life "fringe"?
Duchesse said…
spacegeek: We here in the pearl world prefer to think it is the optometrist's clientele who need help.

materfamilias: Go right ahead and run the world, it would be a lovely one.
Anonymous said…
What happened to your posting about the peasant-dress-like black Lagerfeld dress with the fringe on the bottom?
Any chance of directing us where to find the photo, or at least what collection it was from? Thanks!
Duchesse said…
Anonymous: This was not my posting.
Laura said…
Pink pearls are so beautiful!

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